Friday, June 17, 2011

Fantastic Friday

I received the cover for my short story in the Love Letters series at The Wild Rose Press historical lines. The cover is nice but it doesn't really depict the story so please when it comes out read the story and ignore the cover. The story is about a man brought back home from politicking in Washington D.C. by a letter stating his family had all perished from an outbreak. He heads home to take care of the family's cattle ranch in Montana and winds up entranced by a school teacher vacationing with a passel of soiled doves.

And drum roll please! I uploaded my award winning romance, Perfectly Good Nanny, to Kindle, Smashwords, and Barnes and Nobles, yesterday. I know it's up on Smashwords already because someone purchased it, but I'm not sure if it's up on the others, they take longer. And the price is $2.99. When it goes live I'll add the URLs.

My daughter made the cover for me. So it does depict the book. ;)
For those who aren't familiar with the story it came about after I listened to a radio talk show. They were discussing a child who used his parents' credit card to order things over the internet and the parents didn't know until the items arrived. I thought, what if a young girl tired of taking care of her little brother hired a nanny over the internet and the father knew nothing about it?

Here's the blurb:

Brock Hughes is a man juggling a mortgaged ranch, a preteen daughter, and a toddler. He’s lost two wives, one to a tragic accident and the other to the bright lights of the city. That’s the trouble with women. Sooner or later, by design or by fate, they leave a man high and dry. He doesn't want another one for his family--especially in the form of a beautiful nanny he didn't hire.

Carina Valencia arrives on Brock’s doorstep determined to pull her life back together. As far as she's concerned, it doesn't matter who hired her. These children are clearly in need of a woman’s touch and she’ll not let another child down.

It's available in Nook here:

Kindle here:


Becky said...

Paty, your daughter did a very good job with the cover for Perfectly good Nanny. I love the cover. I will have to go out to one of the sites and get it today. Your short story in the Love Letters series I will read. Normally when I choose a book to read it is the back cover and first couple pages that I go by. The cover of a book is secondary to me, though the cover might make me pick the book up and see if it is something that I would enjoy reading.
Have a wonderful day today!

Paty Jager said...

Becky, Thanks. It is easier to work with your daughter as a cover artist than someone else. She makes sure I like everything. ;)

Thank you for purchasing my books! Enjoy!