Friday, June 24, 2011

Irrisitable Blog Award

Thank you D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

The requirements for this illustrious award are:
1) Have a blog- That's what you're reading ;)

2) Post seven random facts about yourself that will only get you in a small amount of trouble with the powers that be
1. I drink hot chocolate every morning like other people drink coffee. It's my morning pick me up.
2. I'd rather walk than ride in a wheeled vehicle.
3. I don't ride my horse as often as I should.
4. I was given a sobriety test when I as 8 months pregnant and stone sober. (I was the designated driver)
5. I wrote my school notes backwards.
6. I'm ambidextrous.
7. My writing has given an outlet for my overactive imagination.

3) Pass the award along to seven more worthy vict…fantastic bloggers.
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4) Be sure to tell everyone who nominated you by linking back. See the top of the blog. Thanks again, D'Ann. I'll remember this. :0

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