Friday, July 01, 2011

Making hay while the sun shines

Sorry I'm late. Last night when I should have been writing this post, I was reading a novella from a critique partner. Then I rose at 4:45 am to start raking the alfalfa. It's done and now I can do my writerly stuff.
On Wednesday while raking I was visited by a very pretty brown eagle who sat in the new seeding and watched me go back and forth. About half way through the both Wednesday and today sea gulls swooped around the tractor. Not sure what that was about since we're about 500 miles inland.
Tink, as usual, was the co-pilot and Boots and T-bone after getting tired of chasing critters, returned to the cabin and shade.

On my way back along the hillside a doe stood in the spot where we plan to build a house. She watched me drive by then, continued into the alfalfa for a midday snack.
This week went by way too fast. But I did get news that I'll be one of the authors at the local library "Meet Your Local Authors" event in August. And I proofed the galley for a short story contracted by Wild Rose Press, Schooling Miss Burke.

Looking forward to the Fourth of July weekend and a BBQ with the in-laws.

What are you up to this weekend?


Becky said...

I don't have much plans for this weekend. It turns out I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, which are both 12hr days. I'm from 6pm to 6am both days besides tonight. As far as I know I have the rest of Monday off after I get home in the morning. If I feel up to it, the town I live in is doing a small function with fireworks at the end. If everything works out my husband and I are planning on going to it. I will find out tonight what my weekend will be like for work. Hope you have a wonderful fourth of July weekend.

Therese said...

We'll resting and having family/friend barbecues at our Pine Hollow place and taking Spirit of the Lake with me. :D Now that our daughter's wedding is done, I'm looking forward to catching up on my reading. Have an awesome weekend!

Paty Jager said...

Becky, sorry to hear you're working. I will be too in a way. We have to get the hay off the field once it gets baled.

Therese, Have a good time resting and reading. I hope you enjoy Spirit of the Lake.

Devon Matthews said...

Oh, Paty. I envy you all those wide open spaces. I had no idea there were views like this where you are.

Congrats on the good news! Happy Fourth!


gtyyup said...

Tink has the perfect view!! Hopefully we'll see you two this weekend~

BTW...I should have been out there with my camera tonight...perfect op with you and the backhoe ;~)

Paty Jager said...

Hi Devon, Our property in Eastern Oregon(where I'm haying) has wide open vistas.

LOL- Karen. Tink has spent as much time on the tractors as I have! You can't start one up without her wanting to ride.

GladysMP said...

We had both happy and sad events here over the 4th of July weekend. Hubby barbecued in our backyard on Friday, so we have lots of goodies in the refrigerator; but we also lost a long-time neighbor and had to attend a viewing on Saturday and a funeral on Sunday. The funeral was held on Sunday to accomodate out-of-town relatives who had to travel. The neighbor lived just one house away from us. Our block has had a series of events just recently, a birthday party for a man on his 90th birthday, the birth of a baby girl just across the street from us and sadly the death of a neighbor.

Paty Jager said...

Gladys, Sorry for your loss. Hopefully the rest of your summer will be uneventful.