Friday, July 22, 2011

Western Romance Why We Read It and How It started

My Critter grandchildren "caged"

A group of Western Romance readers and authors have banded together to provide you with information about Western Romance Books. This is being done at Lyn Horner's blogs: &
Here is the schedule: (Notice you'll find me there on the 28th)

Mon. 7-18: Series introduction & "Western Romances, The Story of Us" by Jody (Mesadallas)
Thur. 7-21: Lyn Horner - General history of western romance (or by Sharla Rae.)
Mon. 7-25: Suzie Grant - Most influential western romance authors, then and now
Thur. 7-28: Paty Jager - Native Americans in western romance
Mon. 8-1: Maggie O' - Reader, why she reads and loves western romance
Thur. 8-4: Ciara Gold - Research and unique antique props of western era
Mon. 8-8: (?) - Ethnic romance
Thur. 8-11: Devon Matthews - YA and Christian western romance
Mon. 8-15: Leanore Elliott - Sensual/erotic western romance
Thur. 8-18: Tracy Smith - Reader/reviewer; how she started reading western rom.
Mon. 8-22: Ginger Simpson - Civil War romances
Thur. 8-25: Judith Mcdowell - Western romance and women's lit
Mon. 8-29: Alison Bruce - Canadian author, why she writes western romance
Thur. 9-1: Lyn Horner - Paranormal western romance; conclusion to series

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