Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fun Stuff!

The book Lauri Robinson and I co-wrote, For a Sister's Love, is available at Kindle and Smashwords for $.99. She wrote one sister's story and I wrote the other.

Lorelei and Maggie Holmes make a desperate vow to reunite after an Indian raid on their wagon train leaves them orphans. Eight-year-old Lorelei is taken in by an impoverished family headed to a Colorado mining town and ten-year-old Maggie finds herself on the way to Portland, Oregon to live with a woman widowed during the Indian attack.

Ten years later, Lorelei’s adoptive father gambles away her birth mother’s locket and her only connection to her lost sister. Believing she needs the locket and to find Maggie, she sets out after the gambler and ends up in the company of a citified lawyer searching for the same man.

While cleaning a hotel room, Maggie discovers her mother’s locket in the possession of a gambler. Fear for her sister increases Maggie's determination. Never one to give up, she dogs the gambler until he agrees to help her find her sister.

Two sisters, two adventures, will they find one another or will the men helping them be their destinies?

AND this week I received a wonderful review for Spirit of the Lake:
"SPIRIT OF THE LAKE has both heart and spirit, and I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy paranormal romances and find pleasure in discovering different cultures. This story is sure to touch you in ways you didn't expect."
To read more go to The Romance Reviews.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 27th, you can read my blog at Savvy Blog about Word Power. But don't try to go there on Friday, it won't be posted until Saturday.

And don't forget to go to my website and enter the monthly contest. I have my Award Winning Spirit of the Mountain up for grabs.

It looks like a weekend of haying in my world. What's up in yours?


Becky said...

I went an got a copy of "For a Sister's Love", hopefully I will have time this weekend to read it.
Congrats on the review for "Spirit of the Lake"!
I will try to make some time tomorrow, Saturday, to read your blog at Sawy Blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Paty.

Paty Jager said...

Becky, thank you for purchasing For a sister's Love. Let me know what you think of it. I hope you make it to the Savvy blog on Sat. I'm loading sprinkler pipes this weekend. Yay...