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Wednesday Guest- Melinda Elmore

    I have lived in Arizona and Tennessee, but Arizona is my home. I have discovered wealth is not measured in how much money you have but in how much love you share.
    I have been happily married to my wonderful husband, Tom for 22 years. I have two remarkable children, Shaelee and Erik.
     As a young child, I loved reading and writing. Many nights I would wrap up in a blanket, daydream, while I turned the exciting pages of a book. The books would take me to many places. I loved the idea of going from the normal world in which I lived, then instantly I would be taken to a place far away.
     To my surprise, I started writing and creating my very own world. A place where I could go and lose myself with just a pen and paper.
     I grew up with the fascination of the American Indian. My love for them grew by leaps and bounds as I read about them from my history book. I wanted to show, in my writings, of the proud people that the American Indians truly are. They show honor and respect for all living things. If I can capture just a small portion of that in my writings then that would be an added bonus for me.
     Native American Romance and Native American mysteries is my passion. I hope to reveal in my books the uniqueness of the American Indian. I feel truly blessed to try and reveal how special the American Indians truly are.
     The love of my family and the love for the American Indian have become focal points in my stories. I will do my best for both of them.
     I sincerely pray readers enjoy the characters that I bring to life on each turning page!!!!  

Why do you write mysteries?
I write mysteries because my love for intrigue for suspense

You have Native American elements in your books, why? 
The reason there is Native American elements in my book is because my love for the American Indian. I have a desire to show how remarkable and sacred they are.
What are you working on now?
I am working on a new series that is centered on the Apache and Navajo. It is a mystery novel also.

Blurb for Blood on the Feather:
Archeologist DeShay Graywater is on a dig but what she finds has nothing to do with Native
American culture. Tribal Police Detective T.J. Hawke is first on the scene, followed by F.B.I.
Agent Melina Wolfe.

Years ago, T.J. and Melina were in love but the night a drunk driver killed Melina's parents
changed everything. Now Melina is back on the reservation to track down a murderer, with
T.J.'s help. From South Dakota to southern California, the pair follows clues that lead them
to a motorcycle gang, drugs, and a barroom brawl. T.J. worries about Melina's safety but
she assures him in no uncertain terms that she's a big girl who can take care of herself.

In the end, will Melina come to understand that T.J. is looking out for her because he loves
her and plans to marry her? Or will she wind up on the wrong end of a shotgun in the hands
of a desperate criminal?

Excerpt Blood on the Feathers:

DeShay gazed toward skan, sky, and cetan, hawk circled overhead. She closed her eyes when a feather brushed her hand. The feather of a hawk or eagle is sacred to the Lakota.

Slowly opening her eyes glancing down at the feather. It had faded quite a bit and parts were missing, as if they had been pulled off in a struggle. She shrugged at the thought of why the feather had been damaged but then disregarded her feelings and placed the feather in her pocket.

When she turned to set up her site, something else grabbed her attention. The distinctive odor of death. Uneasiness crept inside her but she couldn't ignore the object sparkling in with the sun's rays. Studying a mound of dirt that held the object, understanding suddenly registered – a dead body.

Cautiously approaching the unknown mound, her heart beat faster, her stomach clenched, and her mouth went dry. She covered her nose and mouth with her sleeve, trying to keep the order from gagging her. A cry of anguish escaped DeShay's lips when she realized the remains were human.

The young woman lay supine, clasping something in her hand. As DeShay came closer, she identified the object as a medicine wheel, hand painted, with an arrow in the center pointing southwest. The cause of death was not evident, at least not to DeShay.

Her mind raced, then she turned and ran toward her Jeep, heart pounding, as she leaped over the gate. She had to get her cell phone. Why hadn't she taken it with her?

Finally, her Jeep came into view. In her haste she tripped over a rock as she made her way over the bumpy ground, then jumped to her feet and ran as fast as fast as she could. Approaching her vehicle, she reached inside, grabbed the phone, and frantically dialed 9-1-1. 


Melinda said...

Thank you Paty for hosting me on your beautiful blog. It is such an honor.

I feel so blessed to have written a book on the Lakota people.

Walk in harmony,

Bobbie Shafer said...

What a great blog. I heard your interview also on artist first.
Your book will become a great sensation I know. We are DWB are so very proud of you. Can't wait to read Blood on the Feather and see what's coming next.
Congratulations. You're a great writer. Bobbie Shafer

Emma Lane said...

Catch-your-interest beginning. Nice work.
EJ Lane

Melinda said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that Blood on the Feather will turn out to be one of my fans favorites.

Take care and you are entered into the contest

Walk in harmony,

Melinda said...


Thank you for stopping by. I am glad that it caught your attention

Will enter you in the contest

Walk in harmony,

DWB Publishing said...

Congratulations, Melinda! It's been a pleasure working with you and I wish all the success you hope for.

Marie McGaha
CEO, DWB Publishing

Melinda said...


Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to work with you and DWB.

Thank you for all your support.

Walk in harmony,

Janette Harjo said...

Hi Melinda!
I loved your guest blog and look forward to being entered in your contest!


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Melinda said...


Thank you for stopping by. Your name goes into the hat. I will make the announcement later tonight so check back

Walk in harmony,

Beth Trissel said...

Congrats Melinda. I love the feather imagery and symbolism, and you know I am a fan of Native American themes.

Melinda said...


Thank you for stopping by. Yes, you love the Native American theme just as I do.

Your name will be entered into the hat and I will pick it later tonight

Walk in harmony,

Melinda said...

The winner of the PDF copy is Beth.

I will contact you by email

Thanks to everybody that stopped by to leave a comment

Walk in harmony,