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Wednesday Guest- J. Paulette Forshey

  Paulette lives in a small Ohio town with her husband, a Basset Hound, and a Jack Russell who thinks she owns the place. Her mornings belong to her writing, her days are spent loving her five grandbabies, and her nights belong to her husband, the inspiration for her heroes. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Ohio Fiction Writers, Northeast Ohio Romance Writers of America, and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA.
Why I write the genre I do: "I usually write paranormal romance because I like my romance to have a little bit of a bite, but every now and then I have to do a contemporary, because even 'normal' people need a little romance now and then.
Contest: I'm giving away a clover necklace & clover earrings, and a copy of "Chances Taken". I'll choose a winner from someone that leaves a comment.
Review: “CHANCES TAKEN transports the reader to romantic Ireland where one special woman wins her heart's desire.” Becky Barker author of Bridleton and many more.
CHANCES TAKEN is my sexy contemporary romance set in Ireland - Ian Cathmor, wealthy Irish CEO, believes women want the money, not the man, until a shy American comes to visit his cousin’s B&B and teaches him about “chances taken”. Available at Whispers Publishing
                                                            Chances Taken-excerpt
            “Could you give me a ride?” Jacquelyn’s tongue darted out to lick her lower lip then capture it between her teeth.
   A few of the pub’s patrons raised a brow and smiled in their drinks at her statement.
   Ian nearly swallowed his tongue along with the reply he wanted to give her innocent words, thanking the stars for his travels to the States. He knew Jacquelyn was asking for a lift to the inn and not a sexual favor, as that particular phrase normally would be interpreted in this part of the world.
    “Yes, I can see that you reach the inn.”
   The trip wasn’t long. The gentle rumble of the lorry’s engine had put Jacquelyn to sleep as they pulled from the pub. Now, they sat in front of Kyna’s B&B, the Thistle Down. Ian turned off the engine, listening to the moment of silence cocooning them, enjoying the illusion of being a couple as Jacquelyn sighed softly in her sleep. Strange, he wanted these moments to last an eternity.
   Exiting the truck, he went round it to her side and opened the door. He slipped his arms under her, thus cradling her against him. Her head nestled in the hollow of his shoulder. Her heart made a steady slow rhythm against his chest. Ian rubbed his cheek over the top of her head, reveling in the silken, soft feel of her hair there as it cascaded across his arm. He was nearly to the door when she awoke.
   “Put me down,” she gasped and struggled in his arms. “Where do you think you’re taking me?”
   He released her so she slid down the front of him, still held loosely pressed against him. He could still feel her heart beat, and it was at a gallop now. Ian let his hands fall gently away from her.
   “Let me go.” Jacquelyn stared up at him, fear dancing in her eyes.
   “I’ve not a hold on you,” Ian whispered low and soothingly. “I was only delivering you to the inn.”
   Jacquelyn swallowed hard, making a loud gulping sound.
   Ian grinned, acknowledging he’d heard the sound.
   “You’re at the Thistle Down, safe and sound. I hope your dreams are sweet and plentiful.”
Ian touched his cap, turning to leave.
   “Wwwait, what do I owe you for the ride?” she stammered.
   He bit the inside of his cheek at the phrase, turning back to her. Quickly, before she could react, he snagged her with one arm, crushed her to him, and fastened his mouth to hers. He kissed her thoroughly, and then he released her.
   “That’s more than enough payment.” Ian rounded the lorry to hop inside, and just before he placed the truck in gear, he shouted over the engine. “In fact, I’ll be by on the morrow to give you your change. Goodnight to you now.”
   Jacquelyn stood watching the truck’s taillights disappear into the night. She raised a finger to trace her lips and still felt the warmth. No, that wasn’t right. She felt the heat left behind by Ian’s mouth, and much to her own amazement, she smiled. She had no doubt her dreams would be plentiful tonight, but sweet. No, they would be zestier than that.

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Becky said...

Chances Taken sounds like a really good story. I enjoy reading stories that take place in Ireland. J. Paulette, you are a new author to me. I will have to get this story so I can read it. I loved the excerpt for Chances Taken, it makes me want to read more.

Paulette said...

Hi Becky!
I love reading about Ireland, too! Hope someday to make the trip.
Hope you enjoy the book.
Thanks for stopping by!

Janie Mason said...

Chances Taken sounds awesome, Paulette. I'm so behind in my reading, but I'd love to add this to the top of my TBR pile. I'm into "normal" lovin'. ;)

Margaret said...

What a great story! Being Irish, I'm very into stories based in the land of my ancestors (potato farmers no doubt).

Hot cover too!

Nickie Asher said...

Great post. This really sounds like an awesome story and I hope I win! LOL

Marcia James said...

Sounds yummy, Paulette! I can't wait to read it!

-- Marcia James

Jennifer Labelle said...

Loved that
I'm new to your work and would love the chance to win this. It's definitely on my TBB pile now ;)


Juana said...

Thanks for the chance. This story sounds like a keeper. I added it to my book wish list.


Maeve said...

Oh my goodness! What an awesome excerpt. Chances Taken sounds like an awesome read. And who can resist Ireland? Well done!


maeve (at) maevegreyson (dot)com

ReneeRearden said...


Great excerpt...and I so love anything Irish. In fact, I've often told my husband he'd be perfect if he had a real Irish accent! *sigh* Oh, well. I'll just have to be patient and one of these days actually visit Ireland. Until then, I'll have to settle for reading about Ireland and the gorgeous men that live there. =D

Thanks for the giveaway...Chances Taken sounds wonderful!


Paulette said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. I'll be picking a winner late tonight.
Best to you and yours.

Caroline Clemmons said...

CHANCES TAKEN sound like a novel that has to go on my TBB list! I love anything Irish and look forward to reading this book. Best luck with sales.

Anonymous said...

Chances Taken sounds like a great book and so does the jewerly since I love clovers. susan Leech

Becky Barker said...

Hi Paulette and Paty! I posted a note this morning, but apparently the cyber gremlins gobbled it. Just wanted to say great blog. I love your new cover, too, Paulette:-)

Becky, who's also a little Irish!

Tawna Fenske said...

Oooh, sounds like a fun story! I haven't read many Irish-inspired romances, so I'd enjoy checking this out.


LadyScribbler said...

Hi Paulette,
This is the perfect excerpt to make me (and others, I'm sure) want to read your book. Having lived in Ireland, the opening with the double entendre and the pub gents smiling into their drinks was spot on! I already miss Ireland from time to time, but this excerpt made me miss it even more! Thanks for sharing this piece of your writing.
Christy Carlyle

Teresa K. said...

Hi Paulette,

Chances Taken sounds so wonderful. I love anything to do with the Irish or the Scottish. I'm single and I'm thinking about taking a trip to Ireland next year all by myself. If wait to go with a spouse or boyfriend, I will never go. I'm already 48 yrs old. So I don't see marriage in the cards anymore.
So the closest thing I get to romance are great books like these. I so can't wait to read this book. Ian and Jacquelyn sound like there in for a whole new adventure in discovery.
Thank you for this opportunity in allowing us to know more about Chances Taken. I wish you nothing but success and many sells with this book.

Teresa K.

Paty Jager said...

Leaving a comment emailed to me by Beth Szabo:

I tried to post, but it wouldn’t let me. Grr! Sometimes these blogger things make me crazy.

But I love stories in Ireland – and jewelry too!

JackieW said...

I love to read about Ireland so I'll be getting this book. The 2 things I remember the most about visiting Ireland are how green everything was and how nice the people were. So I'm sure it's a good place to write about.

Judy said...

Chances Taken looks like a great read and it has a fantastic cover. Thanks for the excerpt, definitely want to read. I have already put on my TBR list.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Vonnie Alto said...

Ireland with an Irish hero! How very intriguing. I'll have to read CHANCES TAKEN.

Jodelle55 said...

This looks like a very interesting story. I have a friend who is very into her Irish roots so I will have to recommend this book to her.

Marianne Stephens said...

Love Ian's comment: "I hope your dreams are sweet and plentiful."
Of course her dreams will be after that lusty kiss!

Paulette said...

Winner of the Chances Taken e-book and clover jewelry at
Paty Jager's Wednesday Guest blog with J. Paulette Forshey
Teresa K.!
Teresa, hope the 'clovers' bring you luck and you find your own 'Ian', until then may you enjoy the book. I'll be sending you a private email to get your snail mail address.
Thanks for leaving a comment!
J. Paulette Forshey

Jennifer, Juana, Caroline, Judy, Vonnie, and to anyone I missed, "Happy to make your TBR pile! So exciting."
Renee maybe hubby would be willing to learn Gaelic? Or wear a kilt?
Hi Becky Barker! (waving madly)
Christy - thanks for the compliment all my "Irish" I picked up from 'Nora's' books.
Thank you all for stopping by, and thank you Paty for having me on your blog.
Best to all,
J. Paulette Forshey/Genevieve Delacroix
"Erotic Fantasy That Tantalizes…"
Author of: Chances Taken, The Tarczal Alliance, and Cat and the Wizard