Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Fact

The fact today is I received my release date for Spirit of the Sky! Mark your calendars the third and final book of the Nimiipuu Spirit trilogy will be available May 4, 2012.

This third book follows the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) when they are fleeing to freedom. As nontreaty Indians(having not signed the treaty to put them on a reservation) they believe they should be allowed to be free. When the army is sent to physically place them on the reservation several bands of Nez Perce and other tribes band together and make a desperate run for freedom.  This book is told from Sa-qan the Nimiipuu spirit's point of view and a Lieutenant in the army who is following orders.

I used multiple books written from both sides to make this book ring as true to their feelings and the battles that ensued during the Nimiipuu's dash for freedom.


To save her from oppression, he must save her whole tribe. To give her his heart, he must desert his career…
When the US Army forces the Nimiipuu from their land, Sa-qan, the eagle spirit entrusted with watching over her tribe, steps in to save her mortal niece. Challenging the restrictions of the spirit world, Sa-qan assumes human form and finds an unexpected ally in a handsome cavalry officer.

Certain she is a captive, Lt. Wade Watts, a Civil War veteran, tries to help the blonde woman he finds sheltering a Nez Perce child. While her intelligent eyes reveal she understands his language, she refuses his help. But when Wade is wounded, it is the beautiful Sa-qan who tends him. Wade wishes to stop the killing—Sa-qan will do anything to save her people.

Can their differences save her tribe? Or will their love spell the end of the Nimiipuu?

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