Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Guest, Lauri Robinson

Thanks, Paty, for inviting me over today!
Happy Holidays, everyone!
I’m a romantic at heart, from music to books to movies, and Christmastime is full of romance, so therefore one of my favorite times of the year. 
I stayed up late last night watching a Christmas show…not an earth shattering one, I can’t even tell you the name of it, but one of those sweet stories about falling in love over holidays and it was good. The ending reminded me of Christmas Eve two years ago when our youngest son, gave his now wife an engagement ring. When it came to her turn to open a gift and she chose the one from him, (only a select few in the room knew what was in that great big box) the room grew quieter and quieter as she opened one layer just to discover another box inside. By the time she flipped open the lid on the last little box you could have heard a pin drop. (Since there more than twenty people in the room that was a feat in itself.) 
She squealed, he proposed, and the rest of us cheered and clapped. It was like watching a Christmas movie come to life before our eyes, and will remain a treasured family memory for years.
With that said, I do believe I was invited over to share my upcoming release. I write historical western romances for Harlequin and The Wild Rose Press. Disobeying the Marshal will be released from Harlequin’s Undone Line January 1, 2012.
El Dorado, Kansas, 1881
        Marshal Cord Donovan believed he was married to his badge—until one incredible night in Florie Rockford's bed changed everything. When Florie unexpectedly arrives in town with a desperate warning for his safety, Cord is determined to show her that their spark burns so hot that one night will never be enough.

But Florie has returned with more than just a warning—the consequence of their passion defies all the lawman's rules!
Florie lowered onto the couch and took a deep breath. It was too late to turn back. She was here. Glancing up was a mistake. The way he cast those caring eyes at her had her heart pounding and her insides growing warmer by the second. The uncanny way he made her feel was scandalous for sure, and she’d thought of little else since he’d left her house three months ago.
Could she tell him everything? Right now, gazing at him, it was hard to think. She begged her senses to remain, and settled her gaze on his shoulder, the exact spot she’d dug out the bullet. “How’s your wound?”
A deep frown formed between his hazel eyes. “Fine. What did you want to tell me?”
Twirling and twisting, her mind sought to pull up something besides the images she treasured. The ones of them alone, together. The ones she dreamed of reliving.
“Florie?” He knelt down in front of her.
He was so handsome—and honorable. The urgency she’d felt back at the farm zipped through her, settling real terror in her chest. “Those men you were chasing that day you were shot. It was the Winter gang, wasn’t it?”
“Were they at your house?” he asked. “Did they do this to you?”
Fear burned her throat as she whispered, “They’re after you, Cord. They’re going to kill you.”
His hand cupped her cheek. “The Winter brothers won’t hurt me.” His gaze never wavered. “Answer me. Did they do this to you?”
“They might already be in town, Cord, you have to leave, or…” She bit her lips. The desire to wrap her arms around him and hold on was so strong she trembled from head to toe. She’d put his life in danger, and now she had to save him. Had to. “I came—”

This is the first story in the Wild Western Nights Duet, book two, Testing the Lawman’s Honor, will be released February 1, 2012.
El Dorado, Kansas, 1881
Della Cramer has tried her hardest to ignore the way Deputy Spencer Monroe stirs her desire, believing he doesn't share her feelings. Little does she know that Spencer has been harboring years of regret for not preventing her marriage to a scoundrel, despite the searing kiss they shared.
When her long-lost husband's sudden death leaves Della's future uncertain, only Spencer can help her. But first, he will have to convince her to trust him and finally give free rein to her passion....

And I’d just like to mention that Paty and I have a book we co-wrote. For a Sister’s Love. It’s available for only $.99!

Lorelei and Maggie Holmes make a desperate vow to reunite after an Indian raid on their wagon train leaves them orphans. Eight-year-old Lorelei is taken in by an impoverished family headed to a Colorado mining town and ten-year-old Maggie finds herself on the way to Portland, Oregon to live with a woman widowed during the Indian attack.

Ten years later, Lorelei’s adoptive father gambles away her birth mother’s locket and her only connection to her lost sister. Believing she needs the locket and to find Maggie, she sets out after the gambler and ends up in the company of a citified lawyer searching for the same man.

While cleaning a hotel room, Maggie discovers her mother’s locket in the possession of a gambler. Fear for her sister increases Maggie's determination. Never one to give up, she dogs the gambler until he agrees to help her find her sister.

Two sisters, two adventures, will they find one another or will the men helping them be their destinies?

Thanks again, Paty, and I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas! Make memories this year, you’ll be glad you did!


Christine Young said...

So your story about the engagement ring brought tears to my eyes. I remember when my son asked his girl friend of many years. (they went together through highvschool and college.) asked her to marry him. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

I got married the Saturday before Christmas one year. The chapel was decorated with Poinsettias. I have been widowed now for longer than I was married, but Christmas abnd Poinsettias still make me remember that Christmas honeymoon.

Callie said...

Disobeying the Marshall sounds fascinating! Definitely on my tbr list.

Lauri said...

Thanks, Paty, for hosting me!

It's so sweet when our children include us in those wonderful moments, isn't it, Christine?

I'm happy you have wonderful memories, anonymous.

Thanks, Callie, I hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas, all!