Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Western Wednesday - Geronimo

Here is some trivia about the famous Apache chief Geronimo.

Geronimo belonged to the Chiracahua Apaches and lived from 1829-1909. His Chiracahua name meant "the yawner".

General Crook met with Geronimo in March 1886 after Geronimo had led his band for a year on the warpath. The chief agreed to surrender. The general left with the majority of his men leaving behind a small task force to escort the Indians north to the reservation.  A merchant arrived at the camp with a wagon of whiskey. The Indians drank the whiskey, forgot the agreement, and retreated back into the mountains of Mexico.

September 1886, Geronimo and his thirty-seven followers(fourteen women and children) finally surrendered to General Nelson Appleton Miles at Skeleton Canyon near the New Mexico/Arizona border. After his surrender Geronimo was imprisoned in Florida until 1894 when he was moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was never allowed to return to his Southwest desert.

Is there an Indian tribe that you're interested in? And why?


Lauri said...

While writing my latest story set in Fort Sill I learned Geronimo was quite the woman's man during his later years.

Paty Jager said...

Lauri, I didn't come across that but then I didn't dig deep for a story, just info to post.

Becky said...

Great post, Paty. I remember doing some research on Geronimo, but I don't remember all of this info about him. I've always been interested in the Cherokee tribe. My grandfather was half Native American and when I asked my mother which tribe, all she could remember that it started with ch. Then she told me one time that she was sure that it was Cherokee. I've always been interested in the Native Americans and like learning anything on any of the tribes.

Paty Jager said...

HI Becky, That's interesting that your mother was so vague about her father's and her heritage. Must have come from him or the family not being treated well at one time. I enjoy learning about Native Americans too.

Becky said...

Paty, A lot of it dealt with her age and she just doesn't remember now. She just turn 79 three months ago. When I was doing my family tree she was in her sixties.

Paty Jager said...

Becky, Ahhh, that makes sense. It's too bad you lost that piece of you family history.