Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Western- Texas Modesty

My recent trip to the expansive state of Texas taught me even more about the people who reside there. Our first trip last year had left us with our mouth's gaping when a tiny lady, bossed my husband around at Luckenbach when she shoved a camera in his hands and told him to take a photo of her and her friends.

This year we took a Duck Tour of Austin and the Capital building. The Duck driver was fun to listen to and he more than once referred to Texas as it's own country and made note that they fly the state flag at the same level as the United States flag, "Because they can".  Texans are a proud lot. They do everything in a large way. The shirts and hats sold in souvenir shops announce their Texas pride.

My visit to the beautiful Capital building had me in awe. The capital was finished in 1888 made of limestone and pink granite. The capital is second in size to the National Capital. The massive doors are hung with 8lb, engraved hinges. The engraving caught my eye. As I studied the images on the hinge, a friendly guide ushered us into the Representatives chamber and expounded more on the ostentatious attitude of Texans. The electric chandeliers installed at the time of construction have the light bulbs set in them that spell out TEXAS set in the shape of the Texas star. I could have took the benches in all the halls home. They all had stars punched out of the backs and inlaid in the arms and seats.

We climbed to the third level of the rotunda and learned that if you talk in the rotunda it can be heard throughout the level you are on. Hence the reason ti is called the whispering rotunda.  Wandering around we found an area that had an open area with a railing that looked down into the library. My first thought was what a wonderful spot to have someone murdered. It would be so easy to have a heated argument and one person shove another, toppling them over the railing and down into the library. My writing mind is always working!

If you haven't been to Texas or the Capital building it is a must see. I don't think I could live in Texas. Driving for nine hours there wasn't much of a variety in the scenery. That's what I love about Oregon. A couple hours and you're in a whole different geography.

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