Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Western- True Grit

I may get blasted out of the western genre for this but...Here goes.

I bought the old and the new version of True Grit. I'd watched the old version a long time ago and since I have a terrible memory wanted to see it again and the new movie.  This is where I'll get blasted... I'm not a John Wayne fan. I've only watched a few of his movies that I liked.  Anyway, back to True Grit. I found the old version had poor acting. I couldn't get fully engaged in the story.

But because I'd watch the old movie one night and the new version the next night I knew what was going to happen, and I think that took away from the new version a bit, but I liked the newer version. The acting was much better and more believable.

I liked the strong heroine in the story. She had gumption, conviction, and a sense of justice. The Texas ranger was on the edge of honorable. There were some scenes when I didn't like him and others when I did. Which made it interesting to watch and see what he would do. Rooster Cogburn was gruff at first look but had a good heart. The trio was a good contrast adding conflict, camaraderie, and a combined objective.

Which of the movies did you like the new or old version? Why?


Nancy said...

Not gonna blast you. I was worried about the new version - however I think Jeff did one great job. I will admit I can only watch half of both films. The snakes and the use of a weapon against an animal would have made me walk out of a theater. I can not see the end of the film because of those two factors. But I love what I see to a point in both. Its interesting that a sequel has been left open but no one has tried to make it. Rooster mentions a son... wouldn't you like to know if said son would fine Mattie? Maybe want to know why she made an impression? Or what his father was like if he tries to follow in his footsteps? Just saying...

Therese said...

I'm not a fan of The Duke and avoid not only his movies but ALL remakes by the same name as the original. I have no problem with taking a classic story and improving it but it's a new story *dammit* so give it a new title and the characters new names.
"Remake" to me is another term for "plagiarize."