Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Farm Fun - Hide and Seek

The weather this week has been sun and snow. We wake in the morning to an inch or two of new snow and by afternoon where the sun shines it's gone. With this weird weather the animals have been standing around in the morning hunched up and sunning themselves in the afternoon.

Our daughter's male mini Aussie has been playing hide and seek with the rock chucks or the real name for them yellow bellied marmot.

MavFreak, the mini-aussie loves the snow. He rolls and squirms around on it, then hears the high pitched chirp of a rock chuck and he's off to the rock pile. Up over, around, sticking his head in wherever there's space and sniffing and climbing over the top again. The rock chuck's hide it the pile of rocks where the dogs can see them but can't touch them and chirp. This drives the dogs crazy!

I get paranoid when Tink, the min-pin chihuahua starts sticking her head in the holes. The rock chucks are three times her size and if provoked can be mean.

With the rock chucks moving about and small shoot so green showing in the fields I'm wondering when the daffodil shoots will start showing.

Do you have spring like condition already or are you socked in with snow?

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