Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Farm Fun - Not Your Average Farm Dog

Tink looking for rodents on the edge of the lawn
 Tink isn't your average farm dog. She's a Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher cross. With the possibility of a bit of terror in the mix.

She doesn't herd the cows, but she trots alongside me when we move them and scoots out of their way if they head her direction. Her antics in the field are comical as she pounces like a cat while trying to catch rodents. She chases after the chirping rock chucks(yellow-bellied marmots) and sticks her head in the holes they hide in, scaring the you-know-what out of me. The rock chucks are four times her size.

Tink on a tractor ride.
Tink trots alongside of me and Bud when I ride my horse. If I go a long way and it's hot, She sits in the saddle with me for part of the ride. She's even rode on the Bud's rump if it's level ground.

When I change the irrigation pipes in Princeton in the tall alfalfa her head pops up as she stands on her back legs to find where I'm at.  Usually she's thoroughly soaked. If it's a cold morning she stays to the edges of the field, but that only makes me worry because of the high coyote population. They could whisk through while I'm changing pipes and if Tink isn't by my side could snatch her up. There are also huge bald eagles that sit around waiting to pick up the sage rats the gun enthusiasts shoot.

But what Tink likes best about being a farm dog is riding on the tractors. If she's in the house with me and my hubby starts up a tractor she wants out, and she heads for the barn for a ride. Because she likes to ride we put boxes on all the tractors so she can hitchhike  whenever she has a notion.

Photos taken by my good friend Danita Cahill-


gtyyup said...

Hi Tink!!! Another BIG dog in a lil' body suit ;~)

The rats are out, the eagles are out, but they've done some fly overs to reduce the coyote population...hope they got some...actually, I hope they got a lot!

JM said...

I read this and I had to laugh.
I have a 9 month old chihuahua pup named Tank. We have a lot of acreage, and Tank thinks he needs to be outside right beside us doing whatever we're doing.
I have the same fears, though. We have a lot of coyotes and owls that would look at him like a tasty snack.
Great post!

danita cahill said...

Tough Tink! She is a crack up. Thanks for giving me photo credit and linking to my blog. Appreciate it!