Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Hoof Trimming

Wednesday the horse trimmer came to trim Bud and George's hooves. I had my phone in my pocket to take photos but the two scoundrels were not on their best behavior so I couldn't tie them up and take photos.

I'm not sure if they were both ornery because they wanted to eat the green grass not far from where they were being trimmed or the cold windy weather had them frisky. They are both boys who need little feed to stay plump and with the new spring grass I have to watch for foundering so they are on a dry lot and given hay to keep them healthy

It started with Bud deciding he didn't want his foot tickled by the rasp. He jerked his foot away several times before he finally settled down and then he was just impatient. Wiggling his lips against my gloves and playing with the rope.

Then it was George's turn. Donkey hoofs are hard and they grow fast. When George was given to us his hooves looked like elf shoes. Our wonderful neighbor, who does our trimming, has finally whittled them down to the right size and shape. But for some reason George wasn't his usual easy-going self. Since he isn't big and strong like Bud instead of pulling his foot away, he'd lunge forward and usually ram his forehead into my belly. He did that three times before he finally decided to behave and get the trimming over with.

Thursday night my husband came in and said we needed to take a look at one of the cow's hooves. So we ran them into the corral and cut the limping one out. We pushed her into the squeeze chute, and I was in charge of the rope holding her foot up while my husband checked out the foot. He thought there would be something in her hoof, but he couldn't find anything wrong which led him to believe they might have injured the shoulder fighting with the other cows.

After releasing the cow back into the pasture we spotted a steer that was out and had to chase it along with some cows into the corral, then cut it out and put it back in with the other steers. I tell you there is never a dull moment around when you have animals.


Kimberly Lewis said...

"...never a dull moment when you have animals." LOL. That is so true:) Our horses would act up every once in a while when they'd get their hooves trimmed too.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Kimberly! It's always when you have plans that they aren't golden, I've noticed. It's as if they sense you need to go somewhere or want to do something. Thanks for stopping in!

gtyyup said...

Hi Paty! Bud needs some riding!!! Are you going to bring him out again this summer? Would be fun to ride with you again. But, we need that 75 degree weather back...not this 35 degree stuff!!

FYI, your little bull is doing good. Does he have a name?

Paty Jager said...

Hi Karen, Yes, Bud does need riding! I'd planned to being him this weekend but it looks like I won't have that much time to ride and it will be several weeks before I get back so we didn't want to bring him out and haul him back. But I will get him over there soon.

I call the little bull Herfy. Just because he's too cute for a macho name. LOL

danita cahill said...

Hefy - that is cute! What color is little bull?

Paty Jager said...

Danita, Herfy is a red and white Hereford bull.