Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Off the Farm

I'm in the BIG city participating in an author reader conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Let's just say this is a culture shock of the highest form. I grew up two and a half miles up river from a town with the population of 200. Went to school in a town of 1600 and then moved to Central Oregon before it boomed triple in size. But it is still nowhere near the size of the towns I've flown in and out of on my way to the conference.

Speaking of flying...The last time I was on a long enough flight to need to use a restroom was eighteen years ago. While in route to Chicago, I had to use the restroom. After standing in line behind seven other people, I used the restroom then proceeded to panic when the door didn’t open the way my mind thought it should. Duh! Read the little PULL sign.

Who knew that a toilet could have an automatic seat cover? When I first walked into the stall at the Chicago  O’Hare women’s restroom, I  thought it was out or order. There was a clear plastic shower cap looking cover on the seat. But after inspecting the digital signage on the back of the toilet I realized it was a seat cover and after doing my business, I pressed the button and “zip” the plastic was sucked in one side, leaving a new cover on the seat.  

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for more of my "Big City" learnin'. 


Stephanie said...

Love the toilet seat cover in Chicago. Like you, I was raised and now live in a small town. The restrooms in Chicago are mind-blowing for a country girl. I think it was the airport in Charlotte, NC that had a woman playing a grand piano and if you had to wait for your flight, they had huge rocking chairs. It pays to get out to a big city once in a while.

Paty Jager said...

Stephanie, There was a player piano in the concourse but not the restroom. Yes, it was interesting to see such sanitary restrooms.