Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Birthday Trailer

A few months ago I started browsing used ads for a horse trailer. Then the last trip to Princeton I wanted to take Bud, but my hubby was afraid the bearings on the stock trailer wouldn't hold out going that far. So, Bud stayed home and again I said it sure would be nice to have a horse trailer just for hauling my horse around.

Well, while we were in Princeton picking up the broken bales, my hubby's phone rang. He answered and walked away. I assumed the tractor made it too noisy for him to hear the caller. I also assumed it was a fertilizer customer or he would have said something about the call.

This week I again made an observation about a horse trailer I'd found that was reasonable.

Wednesday, on the eve of my birthday, hubby pulls up to the house with a stock trailer I've never seen. I figured he was going to haul something for a neighbor, because he is always doing things like that. He walks in the house and asked what I thought of the trailer. "Fine, who are you hauling for this time?" I ask. He frowned. "It's your birthday present."

I was in shock. I never expected him to actually buy a trailer for me. Well, it is a stock trailer so I'm pretty sure it will be used to haul cattle too even though he emphatically said it's for your horse. The thing is, it's 16 feet long and looks humongous for one horse and a donkey to ride in. I'd wanted a tack room in the front and he said we'd fix this one to have a section to keep the tack.

Oh and the phone call...was a woman calling to tell him  she was ready to sell the trailer he'd asked about a year ago. As my hubby said, "Perfect timing."


Devon Matthews said...

Nice birthday present! I like your new banner. :)

Paty Jager said...

Hi Devon! It is a nice gift! And I still can't believe the hubby bought a "new to us" trailer. My daughter made the banner. I really like it too.

Lauri said...

Aw, he sure is a keeper! The hubby. The horse trailer is, too! Happy Birthday!!!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Lauri! Yeah, after all these years I don't think I want to try getting along with someone new.