Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Haying

Dogs looking for mice under bales
 Yes, I'm still talking about haying because we are still haying. The first cutting of alfalfa in Princeton is done but we are not getting the grass hay here at home done. The neighbor cut, raked, baled, and hauled off half of the hay which left us with 400 bales to either sell or stack. We ended up getting half of it sold out of the field and we loaded and stacked the rest except of the last load which is still on the flat bed trailer. We'll get it stack by the weekend.l
unloading the trailer in the shed

Of course it would turn off to be in the 90's this week while we are hauling the hay. It was good for curing the grass to bale, but makes it hot even in the evening for lifting bales. Luckily the neighbor's wife is like me and prefers lighter bales so they are only 55-60 lbs. Perfect for me to toss around to feed horses.

Getting the hay off of course means getting the irrigation water back on the fields. So besides getting the hay picked up we also had to get the pipes hooked back together and sprinklers going. In the heat it doesn't take long for the fields to dry out.

Another month and we'll be doing it all over again!


Stephanie said...

I'm with you Paty. We just got the first cutting off our newly planted alfalfa field. It is in big bales, so no hand stacking. We are putting the pipes together today and starting water tomorrow. It sure smelled good when they were cutting the hay.

Paty Jager said...

Stephanie, I love the big bales of alfalfa!All I have to do is drive truck when we haul that off the field.