Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Wednesday Western- I've been tagged yet again!

This is the sixth time, I've been tagged with the 777 challenge? Here is the challenge:
Go to page 7 of your current work in progress and post at least 7 lines from the page, then tag 7 other authors and challenge them to do the same on their blogs.

Since I have been tagged so many times, (thank you Kirsten Arnold, Linda Smith LaRoqueAlison Bruce, Kat Flannery, Lyn Horner, Danita Cahill) I'm NOT tagging anyone, but here are seven sentences from page seven of a free read you can find Here: Free Reads From the Genre-istas

It's a short historical western titled Shanghaied Heart
(I fudged. There are eight sentences)

     The wave crashed down and they went under water but popped back up closer to land.  They continued this cycle until Finn released the log and they swam side by side to a rock outcropping. The waves banged against the rock, spraying ten feet in the air. It wasn’t a safe place, but they both had to rest before they could swim any farther.
     Finn helped Prudence drag her tried body onto the rock.
     They stretched out side by side, staring up at the sky and sucking in long breaths of air.
     When he finally caught his breath and felt strong enough to sit up, Finn raised up and stared out at the ocean. The ship was a tiny speck on the horizon. 


danita cahill said...

I loved this story, Paty. I hope more people will take advantage of the free read, too!

danita cahill said...

PS And you are sooooo welcome for the tag! Ha!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks, Danita! ;)