Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Farm Facts- Late again!

I'm not doing very well getting my Friday posts up lately!  There is so much happening. I've been on the road judging, we've been haying, and I've had company and family issues to deal with so my writing has even suffered.

Two sets of grandkids were here this week and George was lovin' the lovin'. One morning when we fed he had ten small hands brushing, currying, and hugging him all at the same time. I wish I'd had my camera with me. He had his ears up and his eyes closed enjoying every minute of it. The next time we went to feed he followed the kids as they walked around the outside of the pasture.

Molly, Boots and Maverick
We have our daughter's dogs here again. Their barking will hopefully keep the deer out of the yard, Boots our border collie just likes in the shadows watching them until I tell her to chase them. She has such strong herding instincts she's fun to watch but she won't herd anything unless you tell her to. Which is good. It keeps her from getting into trouble with neighboring livestock but frustrating when I'd like her to chase the deer anytime they get near not just when I tell her.

We'll be cutting the third cutting of alfalfa soon. Hubby says it's half way up his thigh already. This hot weather makes it grow.

Are you having a busy summer too?


Stephanie said...

We're getting ready for a second cutting on our newly planted alfalfa. Love the pictures of your dogs.

Paty Jager said...

Stephanie, We only had two cuttings when we first planted. Thanks! The dogs are fun to photograph.