Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Mystery- A deadly place for murder

Here is one of the wonderful mysterious places in Harney County,OR you can visit.

Diamond Craters- Nope you won't find any diamonds here. They no doubt received their name because they are on the road to the town of Diamond. To me they are giant pockmarks on the earth. Diamond Craters is an area of 17,000 acres that has diverse basaltic volcanic features. It's believed these craters were formed the past 25,000 years with some of the eruption has early as 1,000 years ago.

Standing at the top of one of the craters it looks like a lava or asphalt sidewalk bulged and buckled then caved in. Some craters are deeper and wider than others. Looking into the jagged rock walls it's easy to envision someone lost on a dark moonless night stumbling/falling into one of the craters.Their skin would be torn and bleeding from the rough rock,not to mention the chance of spraining an ankle or breaking a leg.

If a villain found one of these craters on the farthest reaches of the area they could torture and leave a person. Only the circling of turkey vultures would give rise to check the area for perhaps dead wildlife.

Have you ever visited a place and thought, this is a great place for murder and mayhem?


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