Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Mystery - Mystery Vocabulary

This week there will be new content every day because I'm helping some authors with blog tours. Their dates didn't match my usual days of blogging . So please come back on Tuesday and Thursday and support these authors.

Now for your regularly scheduled Monday Mystery post. 

Let's see how well you know your mystery words.

1. alibi - 
2. breakthrough - 
3. clue - 
4. crime - 
5. deduce- 
6. detective - 
7. evidence -
8. hunch - 
9. motive - 
10. mystery - 
11. plot - 
12. purloin - 
13. red herring - 
14. setting - 
15. sleuth - 
16. suspect - 
17. victim - 
18. witness - 

a) a person who investigates crimes and gathers information
b) an excuse that an accused person uses to show that he/she was somewhere else c) than at the scene of the crime
d) a person who is suspected of a crime
e) something that is used to divert attention from the basic issue
f) an inner drive that causes a person to do something or act in a certain way
g) an act committed in violation of the law
h) another name for a detective
i) the arrangement of incidents in a story
j) something, such as a witness statement or object that is used as proof in a crime
k) a guess or feeling not based on known facts
l) to steal or filch
m) the time, place, environment and surrounding circumstances of a story
n) something that is secret and unknown
o) a  fact or object that helps to solve mysteries
p) someone who is harmed or suffers some loss
q) someone who saw or can give a firsthand account of something 
r) to infer by logical reasoning
s) an advance or discovery that helps solve a crime

Leave your answers and I'll pick a winner for a mystery prize. 


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