Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- George has become the instructor

George stealing into the yard.
Thursday I was busy in the loft writing. It was lunch time, so I gathered up my phone, glasses, and empty tea cup to head down for lunch. I made it half way down the stairs and saw a big black body walk by the living room window. I rushed down the stairs and found not only George in the yard but Jammer, Bud, Angel, and Henry were all around the house.

I slipped on my shoes, jacket, and gloves and headed out to see how they all came to be around the house. We set up a one, smooth wire hotwire fence between the field and the yard to keep the horses back. Earlier in the week, George had started sneaking out. But for all of them? They couldn't have crept under the fence.

Bud and Jammer in Princeton
Sure enough, someone had run through the wire pulling it loose from one end, leaving a large opening for them all to wander through and snack on the lawn. I checked everyone and couldn't find any cuts. I tried to herd them back through the opening but they ran circles around me, so I went back in the house.

Angel after she fattened up.
A couple hours later, Tink was standing at the back door barking. She rarely barks. My first thought was George must be on the porch. But coming down the stairs, I spotted George back in the field as well as Angel and Bud. I walked through the laundry room and looked out the back door window and didn't see anything until I was right up to the door and saw Henry standing to the side of the porch. Tink must have heard his hooves crunching on the gravel.

I put my shoes, jacket, and gloves on again and headed outside  I grabbed a halter and lead rope and as I approached Henry he started back to the field. Once he crossed the down wire, I pulled it tight again and when my husband came home we add a few more poles and hooked it back up.

(I couldn't find a photo of Henry)


gtyyup said...

Hehe...blame it on the burro!!! Little sneaks!

Paty Jager said...

HI Karen, Yes! Those burros cause all kinds of trouble! ;)

cindy d said...

Hi, I am new to your blog. This is the first time I have been here...won't be the las though. I just have to say, That is one BUFF BURRO!

Paty Jager said...

Cindy d, yes, George is one spoiled well-fed burro. When we got him he had feel like elf shoes and could barely walk. It's taken several years of keeping his feet trimmed on a regular basis to have him getting around well again and because he's getting around well he's eating well.