Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Farm Fun- Movin' the Boys

I headed out to feed one morning this week and couldn't miss the deep lowing of the bulls. The cows were all out in the pasture but the bulls were missing. And I could tell by the sounds they were making they were making and the return lowing that they were strutting their lungs to another bull.

In other words, they were verbally "bullying" one another.

Not wanting to chase them down if the other bull made a remark that made B.B. and Herfy charge through the fence, I sauntered to the corner of the field they were hanging in. Boots, Molly, and Tink at my heels. Boots has been kicked a time or two by these big boys but she still goes at their heels if asked.  I picked up a stick and told Boots to "Get 'em!"

She rushed up to them and nipped at B.B.'s heels. He kicked out, missing Boots and Molly charged at him barking. Tink hid behind me. I poked at his hip with my stick and told him to get going. About that time, Herfy decided it was wrestlin' time and turned to push on B.B.'s head.

With me poking them with the stick, Boots nipping heels, and Molly barking; we finally managed to get the two squabbling brutes moved along toward the cows and away from the taunting bull.

Any time we slowed our onslaught on them, they would shove heads together and begin pushing to see which one was the toughest. Trying to herd two 2000 pound animals that are focused on each other and nothing else around them is not an easy task.

When we had them close enough they could see the cows, I backed off and watched them "play" for a couple of minutes. Boots watched them intently hoping I'd tell her to "Get 'em" again, Molly found an old ball and wanted to play fetch, and Tink trotted to the house looking forward to snuggling on the couch.


gtyyup said...

"not an easy task"...and dangerous!! LOL...I prefer to be horseback ;~)

Herfy's growing; he looks great!

Paty Jager said...

Karen, the short distance we move cows it isn't worth the time it takes to saddle a horse. But I'd like to give it a try with Bud one of these days.