Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monday Mystery -Crime Scene Characteristics

Below is a list of questions a law enforcement officer asks himself when viewing a scene of a murder:

Is the crime scene controlled?
Has the killer committed overkill?
Is the crime scene chaotic?
Was the body moved?
 Is there a pattern of specific victims?
Was a weapon related to the crime found?
Could the victim be related to the killer?
could the victim have been acquainted with the killer?
Did the weapon used produce violent wounds,, as with a knife or ac or hammer o r other?
Is there evidence of aberrant sex, such as sodomy?
Is there evidence of necrophilia?
Was a weapon or object used for torture found?
Was the victim strangled?
Is there evidence of forced sexual intercourse(male or female victims)?
Is there evidence of object rape?
Was the victim blindfolded?
 Is there evidence of attacks to the face and/or oral sex?
Was the body buried to be hidden or dumped to be found?
What kind of weapon produced the cause of death?
was the victim mutilated and/or dismembered?
Was the victim tied up?
Was the victim specially positioned by the killer?
did the killer take souvenirs, such as panties, bras, shoes, wallets, jewelry and/or personal effects?''
Does the killer appear to fit in any of the following categories concerning victims and methods of killing?
1) Victim specific-Method specific
2) Victim variety-Method specific
3) Victim specific - Method variety
4) Victim variety- Method variety

When writing a book or story with a law enforcement official these are some ways to enhance a scene and give not only a snippet of the true crime but mix in some red herrings.

Source: The Howdunnit Series: Malicious Intent, a Writer's Guide to how Murderers, Robbers, Rapists, and other criminals think by Sean Mactire


Stephanie said...

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Paty Jager said...

I hope you find it useful, Stephanie.