Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday Farm Fun- Gone to the Dogs!

Yes, Late again! But only two and a half more days and I'll have my life somewhat back. I'll just be taking care of an elderly person instead of kids!

This past week I've not only been watching two granddaughters but I've had three more dogs.

My oldest daughter went to school to be a vet technician, Her first job was at a vet clinic where she interned in La Grande, well, really Island City, but most people would know La Grande before Island City. One day a golden retriever breeder brought in a puppy to have its eye checked. The eye turned out to be cancerous and the breeder told the vet to put her down. MY daughter stepped in and asked if she could have the puppy if she had the eye taken out and had to spay so she could reproduce. The breeder agreed and my daughter helped with the surgery and took the puppy home with her. After she knew the puppy was healing fine, she called her grandpa, my dad, (who lived an hour and a half away from her) and said she needed help with something in her apartment. My dad had a golden retriever before and was currently dogless. And my daughter knew one look and he'd take the puppy. Which he did. And so Sophie has lived with my dad for twelve years. After his recent heart surgery, Sophie being so big and clumsy it wasn't a good idea for her to be around my dad. She could trip him or knock him down, so she is currently back living with my daughter and her family.

 My daughter's next rescue project is Lizzie a dachshund, corgi, hound mix. Her daughter's preschool teacher told her about a house not far from her that had puppies roaming all over the street and the people weren't feeding them. My daughter and the teacher gathered up the puppies, and found homes for all them. With my daughter keeping one who is an excellent dog with the two girls.

The latest installment at my daughter's is her husband's new bird dog, Birdie. She's a pointing Griffon. German wirehair pointer/Drathour mix.

Then there is our other daughter's Mini Australian Shepard, Molly  that we have been keeping because she wasn't doing well living in the city. 

And our old Border Collie, Boots who even though she limps a bit from an old injury loves to herd the cows and anything else that looks herdable.

And then there is Tink, the couch potato who does venture out with me when I go outdoors.

And this is what we all look like heading to do chores.


Dixie Brown said...

I love it, Paty! You're never alone. That's great...unless maybe you wanted to be alone! Great post.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Dixie. There are times when I would like to be completely alone. LOL

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