Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Farm Fun- Molly

As mentioned before we are dog sitting our daughter's aggressive mini Australian Shepard female. Our daughter bought a pair of mini Aussies to breed. The only problem is the female, Molly, is more aggressive than the male, Maverick. After two years and no puppies, my daughter finally held Molly when she was in heat and directed Maverick so they could make puppies.

Our daughter and her family travel between Oregon and Alaska and usually take the dogs back and forth with them. When Molly became pregnant and they were ready to head back to Alaska it was too close to her due date so Molly stayed with our oldest daughter a vet tech and had the puppies. She also sold the puppies for her sister.

Molly went back to Alaska and got in trouble being aggressive with the neighbor kids. So the next time our daughter came to Oregon, she left Molly with us. Our daughter isn't ready to get rid of Molly, but she can't have her in an area with so many people and cooped up.

And so, Molly, has become our back up cow dog. Back up, in that, she usually stands back and watches Boots, the border collie do her thing. But lately, Molly has been getting in and helping move cows through the squeeze chute and is learning how to bring up the back of the herd when moving the cows. She's even learning that barking at us will get her no where.

When she first arrived, she'd bark and bark if we didn't pick up her ball and throw it. We wouldn't pick the ball up if she barked or I'd put the ball where she couldn't get it. Now if she drops the ball close to me and waits quietly, I'll pick it up and throw it for her.

She's full of energy but has a bubbly personality until someone new arrives. She barks in a scary manner but if the person ignores her, or like the delivery men, give her a biscuit, she leaves them alone.

This photo has nothing to do with Molly, but I thought it was pretty with the willow leaving out and the herd of deer underneath.


Stephanie said...

What a nice post. I love to hear about herding dogs who find their place.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Stephanie.

bn100 said...

Cute dog. Based on what you said, do you think Maverick should have been Molly's name?

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Paty Jager said...

LOL, Good point bn!

Shannon Baker said...
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