Saturday, June 08, 2013

Driving, Driving, Driving

This week I put more miles on my car. I drove the 300 miles to my dad's to take him for his second cataract surgery. I arrived Tuesday late afternoon. We woke early Wednesday and were on the road to Lewiston, Idaho by 7:30. The total miles to Lewiston are about 90 but the road is so curvy that it takes two hours to get there. The drive is beautiful going out north of Enterprise, OR. The green rolling hills give way to forests of pine. We saw cattle and sheep grazing, had to slow for deer to cross the road.

Looking into Joseph Canyon
We stopped at the Joseph Canyon viewpoint. It's a spot on the road where you can pull over and look down into the canyon where the Wallowa band of Nez Perce wintered. I used this location in my book Spirit of the Lake, when the band wintered.

Then we hit the curves. It's a gradual climb up, then down to the bottom where you cross the river and enter Washington before making the crooked climb up the other side of Rattlesnake grade. Tink went with us and she and I sat out in the grass under a tree while Dad was in surgery. The surgery went fine. We ate lunch and headed back to his house.

The next day he had to have a follow up appointment with his eye doctor in La Grande, OR. This is 55 miles away. We made it in a little over an hour. We went early so Dad could look at vehicles. He can no longer handle his big Dodge Ram truck and needed something smaller. We found a rig he liked in his price range and bought it. He had is check up, we ate, lunch and then headed to the humane society. His old golden retriever has also become too much for him to take care of and has been with my oldest daughter. Dad's been lonely without a dog. He's had one as a constant companion since my mom died.

Rattlesnake Grade
We'd looked up the dogs at the humane society in La Grande the night before and he liked the looks of Harley. A one-year-old spayed female boxer/border collie mix. We ended up taking her home on a foster adopt for a week to see if they are a good match. By the time I left yesterday, they appeared to be getting along well.

Yesterday I drove the 300+ miles back home stopping in Pendleton to go through the Tamakaliks Museum. I'd been to the museum a couple of times but hadn't actually gone through the interactive interpretive center. And I was in luck. First Fridays are Free days! It is a nicely put together history of the Indians from that area.

I'm home for a day then heading to Princeton to cut the alfalfa. Hopefully when Summer is over, I'll finally get a chance to slow down.

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