Monday, July 01, 2013

A Fourth of July Kiss

Here is a sneak peek at a first kiss scene from Fireworks and Fancies a short story that will be in Western Duets - Volume Two

“Miss Tarkiel, Celeste.” He cleared his throat. “This is forward, but would you allow me to kiss you?”
Her eyes widened with surprise, and her pouty lips parted. He groaned, placed a hand behind her head, and leaned toward her. “If I don’t kiss you, I’m afraid I’ll explode.” The tip of her tongue traced her lips like an invitation. He couldn’t hold back any longer.
He pressed his mouth to hers, expecting her lips to part and allow him access. When they didn’t, he realized flirting was all she did. His heart soared. She wasn’t as wanton as he’d believed. With a little coaxing, her lips parted and he delved inside, drinking in her sweetness and heat.
Her arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled her body against his, deepening the kiss, running his hands up and down her form. She was all he’d ever need or want. His years of yearning to kiss and touch her made him more demanding than he’d planned. His hands roamed over her back, slipping to her sides, and brushing the swell of her breasts.
Her fingers ran through his hair, her body squirmed, pressing closer. He’d known she’d be passionate, but he’d never dreamed she’d want him.
An explosion overhead, lighting the sky in sparks and colors, pulled him out of the kiss. He drew back and gazed at the beautiful woman beside him during another volley of fireworks. Her eyelashes fluttered up, revealing dazed eyes.
“W-why did you do that?” Her voice hummed through his system like a warm glass of sherry.
“I had to know if what I felt for you was worth fighting for.” He spotted Wright headed their direction. Judging by the way his long legs strode forcefully, he’d seen them embracing.
She shook her head. “I don’t understand.”
Jeremiah nodded toward Wright. “He told me he planned to ask you to marry him today.”
She caught sight of Wright and sucked in air, coughing.
He patted her back. “I couldn’t let that happen without seeing if the emotions you fired in me were real.”
Her chest heaved, and she whispered, “Are they? Real?”

“If you turn him down,” he smiled and touched her soft cheek with his knuckles, “I’ll show you just how real my feelings for you run.”



Diana Mcc. said...

Sounds like a "Hot" romance!! Liked the excerpt!! Happy Fourth!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Diana! Hope you have a Happy Fourth as well! See you next week!

bn100 said...

Very nice excerpt