Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doggie Skinny Dipping

Today my hubby asked me to walk out and pull a board in the small irrigation ditch. The walk out was hot. The three dogs ran here and there, their noses to the ground chasing scents. When we reached the Y in the ditch where I needed to pull the board, it was shady, cool, and the gurgle of the water was inviting. After pulling the board, I stood in the shade and watched as each dog had their own version of cooling off.

Molly prefers to dive right in and get wet all over. She dove into the ditch walking up and down about a five feet swath and then climbing out and rolling in the dirt making dreadlocks.

Tink walked into the edge of the water, getting her feet wet and drinking. It has to be pretty hot out before she goes any farther in than her knees.

Grandma Boots only puts her tongue in the water.  She found a shady spot in the dirt to relax and enjoy the coolness coming from the ditch, green grass, and shade.

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