Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Horses, Horses Everywhere!

I've been proud to say once my children left home they haven't returned...unfortunately not so with their animals!

Our daughter who lives in Alaska with her Coast Guard husband and can spend several months a year in Oregon while he's out at sea, had to move her horses from her in-laws. So, we acquired not only her horses but the others the in-laws didn't want to deal with, and Christy wants to see if they will pan out as good horses. So, until she comes down in November and makes her decisions, we have five more horses!

Feora is out of the mare Christy used for her 4-H project the last two years of high school. She's fifteen and had several foals. While Christy likes her spirit, I'm not a fan of the mare and I really don't like a horse that doesn't walk up to you and stick their nose in the halter.

Fergus is Feora's latest foal. He's gelded and three years old. He has the halter and lead rope on him because he is so skittish and hard to catch. He is one of the ones she's trying to decide if she wants to keep.

Annie is, I believe, also 15.  Kelly, Christy's oldest, has claimed Annie as his horse, so she's not going anywhere and our daughter, Angie's, two girls have claimed her. So there could be a cousin tug of war over Annie.

Coco is a 15 year old Morgan  mare who has chiefly been used as a brood mare. But while struggling to get her loaded into the horse trailer(she hadn't been in a trailer in over a decade) my husband fell in love with her quiet demeanor  and as he said, "Not a mean bone in her body." He was impressed that the hour we tried loading her, she never laid her ears back, never tired to bite or kick or harm any of us. And she had plenty of reason to be ticked at us! We tried everything we could think of to get her loaded and think she just finally decided it was the only way to get us to leave her alone! Anyway, we understand that Coco had imprinting as a foal and was worked with up to a certain point. She has carried kids with someone leading her. So,
my husband is thinking he's going to see if she'll take to him riding her. He's not so keen on Jammer, the Tennessee Walker, who you need a ladder to get on and out walks Bud three steps to one.

Then there's Lily. Coco's 3 year old filly. She walks up to you, wants pet, and has a very similar disposition to her mother. I think she's a keeper and so does Angie's husband. We'll see just now many of these horses actually find new homes outside of our family.

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Danita Cahill said...

Nice, shiny, healthy-looking herd you have acquired. I can't wait to meet them in person!