Thursday, September 05, 2013

Losing Cassie by Kathy Ivan

Kathy's book Losing Cassie  is part of the box set 9 Ways to Fall in Love.

Losing Cassie is book #2 in the Destiny's Desire series.  When I finished the first story, a novella called Second Chances, I knew Jake would be the hero of book #2.  He grabbed me by the heartstrings and wouldn't let go.  (In book #1 Jake gets a letter and it mentions a woman named Cassandra.  That's all we know about her, her name in a letter and how just seeing her name makes Jake feel.)

Now my brain immediately says . . . Okay, who is Cassandra?  What's her connection with Jake?  From that moment the idea for Jake and Cassie's story started coming to life. 

My writing method is a bit of a what if or why process.  I'll usually start with a character or an incident that evokes a question.  What if Jake goes to Destiny's Desire Lodge? Another question is, why aren't Jake and Cassie together?   What problem was strong enough to tear them apart and still keep them apart years later? 

Want to know the answers?  Well, you'll have to read Losing Cassie to find out.  ;)  


BIO:  Kathy Ivan writes hot sexy romances with lots of suspense and a dash of paranormal. She currently lives in Texas, where she'll do just about anything to avoid the heat. She's currently deep in her writing cave, plotting her next suspense-filled adventure.

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