Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brrr..Hard to hold a hammer!

Mother Nature has been doing a number on many parts of the country. Here we're warm one week and freezing the next. It's hard to get our bodies acclimated to the season when we are being yo-yoed back and forth weather wise.

The cold this week was made chores a little harder, since I had to make sure the ice on the water tanks was broke. It also makes working outside harder. I have a warm pair of insulated overalls my daughter in Alaska sent me, but I swear the insulation is wadded up newspaper. The overalls are heavy! They work fine for chores but when we're trying to build a tack room, it makes my maneuvering a bit slow and sometimes awkward. But I stay warm.

We're building a tack room at Princeton this weekend. I should have photos for you in a day or two.  The last time we were over here, the concrete floor was poured. The plan is to have the building done this weekend and the next time we come over we can start building the shop.

While helping with the tack room wall yesterday I learned to keep the nails out of my mouth. They have an oily coating. Yes, when I sew I stick pins in my mouth for easy access, when I need them. I'd put a couple nails in my mouth to have them ready to put in while hubby held a board in place. I won't do that again!

After building a house together this tack room is going together with precision.

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