Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lily in Training

Last fall my younger daughter had to take her horses off her in-laws ranch. We picked the horses up. For feeding and taking care of them, I kept a mare named Lily. She's sweet and reminds me of the mare I had as a teenager. Because I'm getting older and and I don't have the time to put into training a horse, I took her to a young man who was recommended by one of our daughter's friends. He puts 30 days on a horse for a reasonable price and we proved the hay.

He's had her a month but has only managed to get 20 days on, so we'll wait a couple more weeks to bring her home. When I first called to check on Lily, he'd only worked with her five days. He was a bit worried because I couldn't get her to take a bit. He said wasn't ornery. She didn't bob her head, lift it high, or try to strike with her hoof like most horses. She just clenched her teeth and wouldn't open them.

 We visited Lily and the trainer today to see her progress. He was pleased with her. She now takes the bit, but he showed how to hold in in front of her lips, no pressure and slip a thumb into her mouth. She slowly opens and takes the bit herself. He said once he figured out the key was allowing her to take the bit she was fine. But he said he stood like that for fifteen minutes before she took it the first time. He saddled her up, rode her over to an arena, got off, opened the gate, closed the gate, and got back on. She stood still while he swung up onto the saddle. He walked and trotted her in circles. Showed who well she is turning and backing. He said by the time I pick her up she'll be side passing and loping with a rider. When we left he was taking her out on a trail ride.

 I like Bud my gelding. I've had him since he was born, but he's a big tank of a horse and very lazy. I'm looking forward to having a horse that isn't so large and should be more receptive to commands and going.

 Here's a photo of the trainer and Lily.

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