Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Cover Sale!

The nine authors of the 9 Ways to Fall in Love Box Set decided a new cover was in order and with the unveiling of the cover we're offering the box set for the introductory price of $.99!

Caroline Clemmons- The Texan's Irish Bride

Historical Western Romance
Texas rancher Dallas McClintock is trapped into marrying Cenora Rose O’Neill, but he is not a man who goes back on his word. His wife has a silly superstition for everything, but passion-filled nights with her make up for everything—even when her wild, eccentric family drives crazy.

Carra Copelin - Code of Honor

Contemporary Western Romance
Graeme McAlister comes back to McTiernan, Texas and stirs up old memories and feelings Maggie Benning thought long buried. Can she overcome past hurt and loss of trust to accept the possibility of a new love in her life?

Geri Foster - Out of the Shadows

Romantic Suspense
Can Falcon Securities Agent Brody Hawke and CIA agent Kate Stone find true love in the midst of all the chaos? And can Brody accept what Kate revels about his past so he can finally reach out for a love of his own?

Kathy Ivan - Losing Cassie

Contemporary Romance with paranormal elements
Welcome to Destiny's Desire Lodge, where The Fates can manipulate the threads of life at their whim and the Fate-Keeper battles to unite the predestined souls of true love.

Paty Jager - Secrets of a Mayan Moon

Romantic Action Adventure
What happens when a brilliant anthropologist is lured to the jungle to be used as a human sacrifice?

Anna Jeffrey - Sweet Return

Contemporary Western Romance
Joanna Walsh starts to see that while war correspondent and photojournalist Dalton Parker has seen and photographed the worst of humanity and grown a hard shell, deep down he’s a softie hiding a damaged heart. At the same time she dreads his abrasiveness, she can’t keep from being drawn to him in a way she’s never been before. Can she fix him, too?

DeLaine Roberts - Two Sides of a Heartbreak

Contemporary Romance
Alexandra was so close to having it all: a baby, a gorgeous husband, and a family united. But is she strong enough to fight for what she wanted?

Jacquie Rogers - Sleight of Heart

 Historical Western Romance
 When spinster Lexie Campbell shows an astounding talent for counting cards and calculating odds, Burke O’Shaughnessy, riverboat gambler and prestidigitator, figures she might be useful after all. Little does he count on her trumping his plans. Can he resist the queen of hearts?

Beth Trissel - Somewhere My Love

Time Travel Romance

Fated lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it's too late?

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