Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Year, New Series!

Last year I rang in the new year with my Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series. There are now 4 books in the series and I have three more slated to be written this year. I am having the best time not only writing the mystery series but doing the research for the forensics, adding and visiting with the characters at Huckleberry Resort, and Shandra's heritage.  

2015 ended the saga of the Halsey Family. The last book ended with the novella, A Husband for Christmas. It was Shayla's story and it brought everyone up-to-date with the Halsey family. I enjoyed writing each family member's book but I am ready for my new historical western series.

January 2016 will launch my new series titled Letters of Fate. When I conceived this idea I had thoughts of a mail order groom type of book, but it has morphed into something better. At least I think so. ;) This series has a hero getting a letter that changes his life and brings him together with the woman he can't live without.  I've penciled out 9 of these books so far and I'm sure as I research more will come to me.

The first book, Davis, will release mid-January. Here is a brief overview of the book.

Davis Weston owns a mercantile in Minnesota. He's lost his wife and son in a boating accident that has his customers and neighbors whispering he didn't do enough to save them. He receives a letter from his sister in Oregon asking him to enter into a marriage of convenience with her good friend.

Mariella Swanson is a buxom and sturdy six foot woman and mother of two. She has pulled her own weight on the ranch since she and her husband started it. The idea of needing a man to keep it doesn't settle right with her, but she'd do whatever it takes to keep the ranch, even marrying a greenhorn several inches shorter than her who wears a derby hat and smokes a pipe.

While the two start out leery of one another it doesn't take long for their chemistry to heat up, making this a steamy read!

I'll let you know when this book is available!

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