Monday, March 07, 2016

Catch a Clue on Monday Mystery

Every Monday catch a clue about a new to you mystery, thriller, or suspense book or author. 

Authors: In comments give readers a five sentence passage from one of your books. 

genre (mystery, thriller, suspense)
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Readers enjoy finding new authors. 

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Courtney Pierce said...

By Courtney Pierce
Book 1 of The Dushane Sisters Trilogy
Mystery with Humor

"The answering machine flashed a red one. Negative conditioning gave Olivia cause for pause: her younger sister, Danielle, sending up an alarm about a new health issue with their mother, her older sister, Lauren, bitching about a recurring health issue with her mother, a tip about spotting a Suburban from her mother, or her literary agent requesting the new manuscript she hadn’t even started yet. She didn’t hold high hopes for new information about Adam’s case. She pressed the speakerphone button."

Judy Alter said...

Title: The Perfect Coed
Author: Judy Alter
Genre: mystery
Buy link:
Web page:


Susan Hogan drove around Oak Grove, Texas, for two days before she realized there was a dead body in the trunk of her car. And it was another three days before she knew that someone was trying to kill her.
On the second day, she noticed a slightly unpleasant, sweet but foul odor in the car as she drove south on Main Street, headed for the Oak Grove State University campus and her eight o’clock American lit class. Susan’s 1998 Honda Civic often had mysterious odors that were all her own fault. Now her mind ranged over the possibilities—leftover spaghetti and meatballs that she’d put in an icebox dish to bring to school for lunch, maybe a to-go box from her favorite Thai restaurant in Fort Worth, spilled coffee since she drank hers with cream.

Linsey Lanier said...

Linsey Lanier
Romantic Suspense

Some women sit around in bars after they get dumped, complaining about the jerks who treated them like yesterday’s dog squeeze. Miranda Steele didn’t go to bars. She didn’t have friends to complain to. But she did have the dog squeeze beat out of her regularly by the jerk she was married to.
That was until one cold wintry day when the jerk decided to dump her and throw her out in the snow.

Amber Foxx said...

Title: The Calling
Genre: Mystery

A calling. Mae felt as if the brightly lit modern lecture hall had opened a huge space under her feet and dropped her down to another level. A dark, still place. In that place there was nothing but Bernadette Pena’s voice and gaze.
“In another culture, Mae, you’d be a shaman.”

Diana McCollum said...

Wow! All sound like good books!!!

Melissa Yi said...

Birth smells.
I’m not saying it stinks—well, to some people, it does. I remember the classmate who finished our med school OB/gyn rotation without ever delivering an infant. He delivered half of the head, and then the look on his face was so horrid that the obstetrician delivered the rest of the baby.
But I was pretty surprised when my obstetrics rotation transformed into a bone-chilling bloodbath.

Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Author: Melissa Yi
Amazon link (shortened):

kathryn jane said...

Kathryn Jane
Romantic Suspense
The voice behind her was a couple of octaves deeper than the one she’d been arguing with, and her hand stilled for a split second.
“Yes.” Glancing sideways, she was surprised to see shiny western boots and barely-broke-in denim. Not exactly executive attire. Drugstore cowboy?
Rising, she took in the rest of the man’s outfit. Brown tweed jacket over a crisp white shirt. Or was he a real cowboy all dressed up? Maybe, maybe not, but she recognized sincerity in eyes the same dark blue as his jeans. A wash of awareness slid down her spine, but she shrugged it off.

Thanks for the opportunity to share, Paty!

Maggi Andersen said...

Murder at Pendleton Manor
Regency romantic suspense
At the end of her third Season, Lady Harriett Edgerton has refused her one offer of marriage from a perfectly worthy, if dull, suitor. Harriett doesn’t want proper. She wants passion. And the prospect of a passionate marriage is becoming increasingly unlikely, judging by the men she meets. When she and her family visit a dying relative at his country mansion in Kent, Pendleton Manor, everything appears normal on the surface, until Harriet is suddenly embroiled in murder, intrigue, and lust.

Gentleman farmer, Gerard Everard, Earl of Foxworth, has inherited an estate deep in debt. While he toils to save Foxworth from creditors, he becomes embroiled in a dangerous mission.

Together, Harriett and Gerard work to uncover a murderer, while Harriett, expecting Gerard to succumb to the charms of her younger, beautiful sister, Leonora, tries unsuccessfully to guard her heart.

Maggi Andersen's website:
Thanks Paty!

Linda Lovely said...

Title: Lies: Secrets Can Kill
Author: Linda Lovely
Genre: Historical suspense (1938)
Amazon Author page:

Dexter’s expression seemed different, his usual smirk more sinister. He hadn’t come to harass her about her husband’s episodic larceny. Something worse. His beady eyes seemed to glitter. Her right hand flew to cover her mouth, ready to smother the moan forming deep in her throat.
“Your husband is dead.”

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Title: The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet
Author: Jacqueline Diamond
Genre: Medical Murder Mystery
Buy link:
Author page:
5 sentences (boy, choosing this was tough!):
In the viewpoint of Eric Darcy, M.D.:
If I’d expected an epiphany at the sight of Malerie’s body, I’d have been disappointed. But I’d received something else: a mission.
My patient depended on me. Not that I imagined I could outsmart [homicide detective] Keith and his trained colleagues, but I brought a different perspective. People trusted me, and witnesses might be more willing to open up to a doctor.

JB Schroeder said...

UNHINGED (Book 1 in the Unlikely Series)
JB Schroeder
Romantic Suspense

“This is where I live,” Tori said. Stop pursuing me. We have nothing in common.”
Aiden had been fighting this attraction to her since the moment he saw her steaming with frustration, cheeks flushed, in the checkout line of his store. Finally, he’d decided to ignore the warning bells and just…see.
And here she was saying no. Didn’t she know what a challenge did to him?
Aiden shrugged. “Homes. Cars.”
He tucked a piece of hair that had escaped back behind her ear, then slid his hand to her nape and tugged her closer, forcing her outstretched arm to bend at the elbow. Tenderly, except now he held her fast.
“They’re just trappings, Tori.”

Thank you, Paty! Such fun seeing everyone's lines!