Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finally, Slowing Down and Summer's Gone! by Paty Jager

cupcake I judged
The month of August is a blur. After nearly 22 years as a 4-H leader and10 years as a 4-H Program Assistant, I couldn't let 4-H and fairs go. I now travel to county fairs and judge either 4-H or Open Class foods and clothing. And I judge 4-H clothing at the Oregon State Fair. I enjoy visiting with the kids during the 4-H interview judging process and I enjoy visiting with the clerks when I do open class judging.

But judging at fairs keeps me hopping about the state most of the month of August. I judged at State Fair this week and can finally settle back into my home routine.

We have one more hay crop to put up and I have a horse who hasn't seen enough saddle time this summer, not to mention some more work on the house and hopefully to get the shop up and ready so hubby can use it this winter. (And get him out of my hair) ;)

On the writing front, I'll have the next Shandra Higheagle Mystery coming out in September. It's book 6 and is title Reservation Revenge. I'm working on book 7- Yuletide Slaying which I hope to have out the first of November. 

I'm excited to have the rights back to Bridled Heart and will be revising that, putting a new cover on it and I hope to have it re-released by December 1st so I can promote it along with the NFR- National Finals Rodeo. It is a contemporary western romance with a pro-rodeo bareback rider and an ER nurse. I enjoyed bring the hero and heroine together in this story. And Zip the Border Collie was a lot of fun!

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