Monday, September 19, 2016

Catch a Clue- Find an Author

Every Monday catch a clue about a new to you mystery, thriller, or suspense book or author. 

Authors: In comments give readers a five sentence passage from one of your books. 

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Readers enjoy finding new authors. 

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Paty Jager said...

“Ella, what do you want?” Shandra Higheagle pleaded as she stood looking up into the clouds that formed her deceased grandmother’s face. The droplets of rain falling on Shandra’s face were warm and salty. Tears.
She bolted upright in bed.

Reservation Revenge New Release!
A Shandra Higheagle Mystery
Paty Jager
Murder Mystery



Bridges DelPonte said...

You always remember your first time.

My first happened in St. Stephen’s church, directly beneath
a statue of the Virgin Mary, right after morning mass. I
studied the body bathed in a golden glow of flickering
votive candles. Somebody had done a damn good job of
bashing in Miriam Carpenter’s skull. Her blond hair ran
red with blood, snaking in a sludgy river toward a
confessional box.

Deadly Sacrifices
Bridges DelPonte
Legal Thriller/Mystery
Amazon Buy Link!
Bridges DelPonte's Website

Steve Liskow said...

Reese Davenport heard the backhoes and dozers idling like hungry lions waiting for him to try to run away. The men gathered round had pretty much the same vibe: hard hats, sweaty tee shirts and jeans, a few wearing cheap shades that couldn’t hold back the harsh sunlight pouring on the skeleton.
It lay on its back with bony arms crossed over the rib cage, and the hollow eye sockets looked big enough to swim in. The clothes had rotted away except for the rubber sole of a sneaker on the left foot. It looked small.

Dark Gonna Catch Me Here
Chris "Woody" Guthrie Mystery #3 by Steve Liskow

Leslie Lynch said...

HAIL MARY, full of grace…

Cold air bit at Ben Martin’s face as he crouched in the recesses of a poorly lit airplane hangar. He’d gone from hunter to prey a handful of minutes ago, and his mind reeled at the reversal of his fortune. The image of a rabbit quivering beneath a bush flickered through his brain. His imagination filled in the shadowy edges of the picture with Arctic wolves waiting for the doomed bugger to make a fatal dash.

Pray for us sinners…

HIJACKED, by Leslie Lynch
Amazon buy link:

Leslie Lynch said...

Robert Davis tapped his index finger in a precise, angry tattoo against the clipboard holding his flight planning charts. He still couldn’t believe it. Not only had she deprived him of his rightful prey, she’d gotten away.
They never got away. Unless he let them. He told himself he’d let them both slip through his fingers tonight, but he knew it was a lie, and the lie infuriated him.

UNHOLY BONDS by Leslie Lynch
Amazon buy link:

Leslie Lynch said...

OPAL MCBRIDE CLENCHED her hands inside the pockets of her Goodwill prize, a five-dollar coat that probably would have stood up to the cold, but was proving no match for humidity. Bitter wind tugged a strand of her braid loose, and she tucked the errant hair behind her ear. She added another stop at Goodwill for a hat and gloves to her mental list.
Right below find a job.
A shiver raced up her arms, triggering a shudder unrelated to the chill.

by Leslie Lynch

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