Monday, October 03, 2016

Catch a Clue - Find an Author

Every Monday catch a clue about a new to you mystery, thriller, or suspense book or author. 

Authors: In comments give readers a five sentence passage from one of your books. 

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Readers enjoy finding new authors. 

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Paty Jager said...

She stopped at the bathroom door. “Are you following me in?” she asked, grinning at the astounded look on the other woman’s face.
“No. But it would be easier to talk without being overheard. Ays.” The twinkle in the larger woman’s eyes made Shandra laugh.

Reservation Revenge
Paty Jager
Native American murder mystery



Keta Diablo said...
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Keta Diablo said...

Bam! The Denali screamed its outrage or was it the sound of broken glass? A steep bank ahead flashed in her line of vision. Dear God, help me! Oh no, oh, no. Like a spinning top, the Denali flipped, ass over tea kettle. Immense pain shot through her body. Something warm and sticky ran down her face.

Title Season, Unforgettable
Author Keta Diablo
genre (mystery, thriller, suspense)
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Website or Amazon Author page link. <a href =""

Anonymous said...

Title: Rogue Soldier
Author: Jamie Lynn Miller
Genre: Gay Romantic Suspense


Connor saw the muzzle flash an instant before his head snapped to the side, blinding, white-hot pain tearing through his temple. He fell backward, managing to kick out and sweep the legs out from under his target. They both went down hard just as Shadow Team made entry. Connor got a glimpse of Mandy and Chloe subduing the man and then Shawn dropping to his knees beside him, clutching at his arm. He could see Shawn yelling, his partner's face a mask of panic, but Connor couldn’t make out the words as his vision went red, then gray, then black…


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