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Monday Guest - Patricia Guthrie - Romantic Paranormal Suspense

I couldn't get the Catch A Clue Monday blog to take off so now I am opening up my Mondays for authors to promote their books. Authors may contact me for a Monday slot.

Today's Guest is Patricia Guthrie.
Paranormal Romantic Suspense novel for review
Legacy of Danger
By Patricia A. Guthrie
Publisher: LSP Digital LLC.
Published October 2016
ISBN-13 978-1537643557
ISBN-10 153764355X
Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Formats AVailable for Review: Print, (only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.) Kindle, pdf, mobi
"Do not speak badly of the devil, because you cannot know to whom you will belong."
If you’d just inherited a castle in Romania, wouldn’t you expect to visit? So does the young and beautiful Elena Dkany, last member of an ancient, noble Romanian family. But, somebody doesn’t want her to reach her destination, and of the two people who can keep her safe, one is the ghost of her deceased husband, and the other the very live presence of the one man she wants to avoid at all costs.
As they make their way into the mountainous regions of the Carpathian Mountains, deadly accidents, explosions and murder follow them wherever they go. Someone seems to know their every move.
An abandoned castle, a damsel in distress, international hitmen, ghosts, a little boy in a dream a priceless, silver cross  and an ex-boyfriend. What do they all have in common with Elena Dakany? And, why does someone want her dead?
And so lies the brief blub of Legacy of Danger. Paty, I’d like to give you and your reading audience a treat and let you  meet the heroine of the story, Elena Dkany. I hope you can get some insight as to what makes her tick, without giving away the story. Elena sat with me this morning and gave me facts she could release, but unfortunately wouldn’t give out everything. A little secret—I wrote a “tell all” book. She’s non-too-pleased. It's called LEGACY OF DANGER
Elena says hi to everyone and has settled down and is ready to answer my traditional interviewer to interviewee
Carpathian Mountains, Romania
questions. We’re sitting outside the Dkany Castle cottage enjoying the Dkany Rivers and the Carpathians in the background. She told me she’s willing to answer many questions, but none that will “give away” her story. So, I promised.
Elena is twenty-seven years old.  If you were here looking at her, she has long black hair, white skin and eyes that sometimes shine blue and at other times,  you could swear they were violet. Does Elena act twenty-seven? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, just like the rest of us. Sometimes she acts like she had the wisdom of the ages banged into her head, and she’s mentally one-hundred. At other times,  she can throw temper tantrums that make her seem more like a teen-ager. I have to say, she could be me.
Did she have a happy childhood? I’d say—as would Elena, yes. A very happy childhood. She lost her parents at an early age. Her mother died of pneumonia and her father died, shortly thereafter of a broken heart. Elena was brought up by her grandmother, Magda Dkany in Evanston, Illinois. The family is highly Romanian Orthodox; it’s patriarchal, turned matriarchal family structure. Despite the age differences Magda and Elena adored each other. When Magda was killed by a hit-and-run driver, Elena was devastated, and when her grandmother’s ghost appears  at her own funeral, Elena couldn’t believe her eyes or, for that matter,  any of her senses. (first chapter)
Her relationships have been, for the most part, pretty happy. The Dkany family has strong ties to the Brancusi family (the families had close ties since the 1300’s—pretty unusual for these days) Marina Brancusi is Elena’s best friend and Marina’s brother Alex was a childhood friend turned sweetheart, then estranged, but Elena said I couldn’t tell you why. The rest of Elena’s relationships have been happy and successful with many college friends and acquaintances turned friends along the way. Her past relationship that weren’t so successful was Alex Brancusi, but that shall wait for another day. She had a close relationship with her brother Frederick Dkany, until he died from a heroin overdose, there’s the family solicitor Gregory Balough and Sandor Inn keeper Stephan Baklanov and his grandson Mikhail. Then there’s Elena’s deceased husband, Janek Ivanov. As you will see, some relationships never die. They just seem to pop up at the nick of time.
What does Elena care about?  Elena cares about her grandmother’s death.. Ah, you say, you thought she was killed by a hit and run driver?  Yes, she was. It’s just, Elena doesn’t think it was an accident. She thinks it was done on purpose. Elena wants to uncover the truth. She also  cares about getting to her family’s castle in Dkany, Romania in the heart of Transylvania and possibly the reason so many of her family has died.  Her grandmother was supposed to have taken her there, just before she was killed. Now, Elena wants to go and see if she can fulfill her grandmother’s dream—turning the castle into a school. Such a simple goal for such a complicated plot.
In fact, this dream has become somewhat of an obsession, until Magda’s ghost tells her to find her son. Son?  Elena’s son was killed in a home invasion in Bucharest when he wasn’t even a year old. Elena lost her husband, Jan at the same time. The obsession? Go to Romania, Investigate the castle. Investigate her son and Jan’s death.  And, keep herself alive.
This obsession has now turned into Elena’s biggest fear. She’s attacked by an international hit man and more follow. Now, her ex-boyfriend Alexander escorts her to Romania. Is her biggest fear an attack from some outside source or from him? If he only knew the extent of her fear and what she doesn’t want him to know.
Alex was the best thing that ever happened to Elena. This was high school love—puppy love or a crush?  Or, the real thing?  After nine-years, Elena is still not over him. It appears he’s not over her either.
But there’s a secret that Elena’s not willing to share with Alex or anybody. And, like Elena, Alex is tenacious. When he decides to find something out, he sticks to and doesn’t let go. Elena is equally tenacious. She’s also inquisitive and when cornered she’ll walk out of a conversation or a situation. That can be annoying, it can also be deadly.
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