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First Ride Collection - Cowboy Proud by D'Ann Lindun

Cowboy Proud by D’Ann Lindun

First Ride Cowboy Collection
You Never Forget Your First…

Saddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you'll never forget.


Cowboy Proud by D’Ann Lindun
She left town to chase her dreams…he stayed and ignored his…can they find love again?

Forget Me Knot by Lori King
Will her vacation into the heart of cattle country turn out to be a mistake?

Cowboy Crazy by Em Petrova
Five brides for five brothers…at least that’s the deal the Daltons have struck with their boys. Each son must marry in order to inherit a piece of the ranch they love so much.

Watching Fireflies by Jaycee Ford
A cowboy who knew nothing of love. A city girl who wishes she didn't.

Sweet As Candy by Sidda Lee Rain
She may be the softness to smooth his rough edges. That is...if he can convince her to give an ol' rodeo bum a chance.

Lazarus by Beth Williamson
Being a Graham isn't easy, and it's about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.

The Heartsong Cowboy by Melissa Keir
Can two people, one horse and the power of love cure a little girl?

Gimme Some Sugar by Stephanie Berget
She’s is a genius with cupcakes and croissants. He needs a ranch cook to whip up beef, beans and bacon. Love never tasted so good.

Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels
Thrown back into the path of her first love, she finds hers is not the only heart fate has damaged.

Davis: Letters of Fate by Paty Jager
A marriage of convenience ignites into a steamy romance and brings two strong wills together.

Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Lea Sullivan
She writes fantasy cowboys for a living...but she never expected to find her own on the back roads of Hill Country, Texas.

Chocolate Cowboy by Kirsten Lynn
Returning to Wyoming two things surprised GySgt Jared Worrell…becoming the town chocolatier and Lucy Thomas. Coming home never tasted so sweet.

Montana Bachelor by Hildie McQueen
Rich Bachelor seeks Single Female who won't mind complications of elite society, a suspicious father and an evil ex-girlfriend…

Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post
A cowboy honors a promise by working at a nudist resort but to win the sexy owner’s heart, he must bare more than his soul.

River’s Edge by Gem Sivad
From gunslinger to ranch owner. He's finding respectability a lot more dangerous than his former life of sin.

Under Pressure by Rhonda Lee Carver
The Stone sisters know their way with a gun, rope, three-inch heels, and a cowboy's heart.

Jake: Men of Clifton by Susan Fisher Davis
He can tame the wildest stallion, but can he tame a stubborn redhead that wants nothing to do with him?

The Real McCoy by Sabrina York
She mistakes him for a stripper...he is happy to comply!

Get a taste of:
Cowboy Proud by D’Ann Lindun
All Madeline Harper ever wanted was to escape the tight fences of Black Mountain, Colorado. Nothing would stop her from pursuing her goals--not a devoted boyfriend, or infant son.

For the last five years Shan Ellis’ life has consisted of being a dad. He scarified everything for his son. College. A career. Girls. Now, the one woman he can’t forget is back in town.

Can they overcome the mistakes of the past and find love again?


Madeline didn’t have to force a smile through dinner. The bridal party sat at a table front and center, but someone had placed a large floral arrangement in front of her blocking the guests. Amanda sat to her right, Shan to her left. The bride was engrossed with her new husband and Shan hadn’t spoken two words.
She didn’t need to look; she could feel anger radiating off him.
The meal couldn’t end soon enough.
Peering through the tall flowers, Madeline couldn’t see Mason anywhere. Maybe Jayna had already taken him home. The few minutes she’d spent with her son had ripped open a hole in her soul she had thought long healed.
She pushed around a pile of limp peas and carrots on her plate. Shan was right. Mason wasn’t her son. She’d given up the right to call him that when she signed the adoption papers. But her heart said different.
Pleading with Shan would do her no good. He was stubborn as an old mule. Once his mind was made up, it was a done deal. He wouldn’t change it or back down. He’d already told her to steer clear of Mason. If he caught her going behind his back all hell would break loose. She wasn’t sure what he would do—maybe press some kind of charges. Western Girl wouldn’t like their star model in any kind of trouble. It might even cost her contract.
She’d been very successful at hiding from the public the fact she’d given birth to a son. Bringing the truth out now probably wasn’t the best plan. Her brain agreed, but her heart twisted into a painful knot.
Mercifully, the dinner ended.
Just when Madeline hoped to escape, two caterers carried out an enormous cake and placed it on a small center table. Although she didn’t need to help, her presence was expected. When Amanda and Chet moved to cut the cake, Madeline followed. In her peripheral vision, she noticed Shan. He stood at her shoulder, slightly behind.
The cake was cut, toasts were made.
The band began to play and Madeline slipped into the crowd. From a safe vantage point she watched the bride and groom spin around the floor, then her father take the bride for the traditional father-daughter dance.
Something like envy pinched her.
All she felt for her sister was joy that she’d found the right man and they had a happy life ahead.
The idea of being married, a housewife, gave Madeline hives. She might be able to cope with the married part, if a man could deal with her career.
Shan couldn’t.
Where did that come from? It wasn’t as if he were a candidate.
A hand on her elbow drew her out of her thoughts. Shan.
“Would you like to dance?”
She shook her head. “Our duties are over now. You can ask someone else.”
“I don’t want to ask someone else. I’m asking you.”
Still eyeing him with suspicion, she asked, “Why?”
“Maybe I was a little hard on your earlier.” He sounded sincere. “Mason said he went upstairs on his own and you didn’t say anything to him.”
Was Shan Ellis apologizing? Madeline opened and closed her mouth, although she badly wanted to say I told you so. Instead, she took his proffered hand. “I’d like to dance.”
They moved to the makeshift dance floor, her parents’ patio, where Shan took her in his arms. He smelled like sin. They began to sway to an old Garth Brooks tune. They hadn’t danced in over six years, but being in Shan’s arms felt as familiar as pulling on an old pair of jeans.
They moved in silence.
For a moment, she allowed herself to dream of this being permanent. Back together again.
What was she doing? There was no future for them.

About the Author 

Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Romance appeals to her because there's just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. D’Ann’s particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them. This is probably because she draws inspiration from the area where she lives, Western Colorado, her husband of twenty-nine years and their daughter. Composites of their small farm, herd of horses, five Australian shepherds, a Queensland heeler, two ducks and cats of every shape and color often show up in her stories!

D’Ann loves to hear from readers! Please contact her at

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