Monday, May 01, 2017

Two Books Nominated for the RONE Award

Double Duplicity book one of the Shandra Higheagle mysteries was a runner up last year in the RONE AWARDS mystery category. This year I'm pleased to say Reservation Revenge, book six in the Shandra Higheagle series is a nominee and Brody: Letters of Fate is a nominee in the Historical Victorian category.

The way the award works:
1) The book must receive a 4 or better out of 5 review. This puts the book in the running.
2) The books are put up on the InDTale website for fans to vote for. The books with the most votes go one to...
3) Where industry people read and score the books. This round picks the winners of the categories.

Both books received a review score of 4.

A comment by the reviewer of Reservation Revenge made me shake my head. "Word misuse, wonky grammar, and inconsistent proper nouns, by themselves, aren’t noticeable, but there are enough throughout to be a frustration to readers."  I'm sure the reviewer is referring to the American Indian dialog which I wrote authentically and was corrected on by my sensitivity reader. She was the one that suggested the correct wording to give the book authentic flavor. If I make it to the final round and that judge feels the same, I'll shrug and move one. I know that the wording is correct whether it is grammatical or not. 

If you are a fan who has read one of the books fan voting for Brody:Letters of Fate is: May 8th-14th here- 
If you aren't already signed up for this site you'll have to do it to vote, but you won't be on a list or receive
anything from them. It's their way of making sure you only vote once.

And if you are a mystery fan and enjoyed Reservation Revenge the voting for that is: May 22nd-28th here-
Again, if you didn't sign up to vote for Brody or already are signed up you'll have to do that.

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