Friday, June 30, 2017

Silver Dollar Saloon

I'm having a great time working on book one of the Silver Dollar Saloon series. You'll noticed I changed the series title from Ladies of the Silver Dollar Saloon to Silver Dollar Saloon. The reasoning behind the series title change is the fact I have added some men to the establishment that I want to give Happily Ever Afters as well as the women.

Here is a bit about Savannah: Silver Dollar Saloon

Savannah Gentry was raised in Georgia on a plantation. Coming to Shady Gulch wasn’t something  Savannah wanted to do, but when her father died after losing the plantation and all his money, she had no choice other than marrying the banker who was twice her age, pasty white, and an opium user. 

Savannah has never met her half-brother, but she needs someone to protect her if the banker comes looking for her. She finds Beau working in his saloon, the Silver Dollar and tells him, he is her brother and provider. 

He puts her to work in his saloon and sets her up in the boarding house across the alley.

You read all the time about a man going to prison and finding God and changing his life.

Larkin Webster didn't go to jail, but he came damn close to losing his life for a group of men who would have laughed about it and continued their killing and stealing without another thought about him.

He didn't come from a bad home. But he craved excitement. At fourteen, he met a young man who took any dare and stared down men older than him in gun fights. The lure of the excitement took Larkin from his home and sent him on a path that he isn't proud of.  The day he had to hide in an outhouse to keep from being killed by his own gang and the law, Topeka Kid died and Larkin Webster was reborn.  He attended the nearest theological school and moved to Shady Gulch at the request of his brother.

When Savannah Gentry stumbles off the train and into his arms, he chases the excitement once more. This time, his heart won't listen to his head.  Loving this woman may end his career as a preacher, but it will make his life a challenge until the day he is put in the ground.

And that is the start of the Silver Dollar Saloon series.
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