Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Day in the Life by Paty Jager

Oma cleaning windows
This past Sunday was a busy but productive day. My mother-in-law who we call Oma which is Dutch for Grandma was visiting for four days. She spent the first two days cleaning my house. Windows, floors, refrigerator... if it was dirty, she cleaned it. I call her the energizer bunny. She loves to clean and stay busy. Every time she's here cleaning she says it's fun. And means it!  So I let her clean. It makes her happy and I'm happy because I have a clean house for a while. ;)

Sunday started with having breakfast and feeding the horses. Then I spent the morning sewing a boho sling bag to give away on my Marvelous Monday Giveaway day on Contemporary Western Hearts Facebook page.  If you like contemporary western romance you might want to join the Facebook page. Not only do you discover authors and great books but we have the giveaway every Monday.

sewing the bag together
Me modeling the bag
I finished the bag  a little before noon. When I took it out to show Oma and hubby who were sitting on the porch talking, I discovered, I'd sewn the bottom on wrong. So I took that out and sewed it back in the correct way.

After lunch, I wrote and worked on writing related stuff until 3 PM.  Then Oma and I headed to town, a 45 minute drive,  to pick up the photos I'd entered in fair. We picked up the photos without a hitch- 4 with no ribbons, 3 with a white ribbons, 2 with a red ribbon and 4 with blue ribbons and one best of show.  I stood in line for a bit to get my $11 in premium money.

My Best of Show photo
From the fairgrounds we went to Safeway where I picked up a few items we needed. At home, Oma and I got to work making spaghetti for dinner. She was excited because it was one of her favorite foods.

Oma was leaving early Monday morning so we went down to the acre hubby planted in potatoes and dug her up a bucket's worth of potatoes to take home.
As we walked up from feeding the horses, the sun was setting and we had a colorful sunset.
And that was a day in my life.

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