Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Day in the Life by Paty Jager

Yesterday, I woke and wrote posts for blogs I'm guesting on this month with Haunting Corpse. I guess I should back up and say, Monday I drove 5 hours to Wallowa County where I grew up. I visited with my dad who was in the hospital last week for a few hours getting an idea of what I needed to do to clean his house. Then I went on to my brother's house where I spent the night.

Tuesday I was back at my dad's by 9 am and started cleaning all of the downstairs of his 1880s vintage farm house. I stopped for a 15 minute lunch before getting back at it. I left his house at 4 o'clock. I was tired, dirty, and ready for chocolate chocolate ice cream. ;)

dogs and SIL
Wednesday, I woke, wrote guest posts for blogs I'm visiting this month to promote my latest Shandra Higheagle mystery, Haunting Corpse. Still in my pajamas I sat in the living room visiting with my sister-in-law and niece as we ate granola and yogurt. I dressed and my SIL asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I'm always up for a walk.

We put leashes on Dizzy and Maria and headed up the road. The view was gorgeous even if the clouds were hanging on the tops of the mountains.

My SIL suggested we walk to the Alder Slope Cemetery. Always ready for a jaunt through a historical cemetery I wasn't disappointed by this one.

Most of the tombstones were dated with births in the mid to later 1800s. As always when visiting the older cemeteries there are ones that make you sad. So many babies and children were buried during this time. I also enjoy finding great period names to use in my books. I found one for a character in a Silver Dollar Saloon book.

There was a good variety of types and I loved the granite posts that held up the cemetery fence.
granite posts

After our walk, I had lunch and headed to my dad's. I took him to his doctor's appointment and then back to his house.

I spent the evening writing this blog and visiting with my SIL and extended family. I'll be driving back home today as you read this post.  I'm looking forward to the author day happening at our local library on Saturday.

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