Thursday, November 02, 2017

A Day in the LIfe by Paty Jager

A couple weeks ago I commented on Facebook that my hubby was helping a friend disc up a field that had been used as a dump in years gone by. Well here a few of my finds:

 These were some lids I found. One is for a glass canning jar, it is purple in color.  The larger top is a Gabriel Snubber made in Cleveland U.S. A.

 You can see that there is also the bottom of a jar. The wording on it is: Kerr and SandSprings. The rest of the writing is hard to see.

And the metal lid is an old Kerr jar lid.

This is a 1925 Oregon vehicle license plate.  

I have no clue what this rusty thing is. Hubby thinks it is part of farming equipment. It reminded me of the Army tethers a friend showed me this past summer. It has the hope on top to tie a rope or rein through and it is heavy.

 This is another piece most likely of farm equipment. From the looks of it, we think horse drawn equipment.

 This was the only whole glass piece I found. It is about 6 inches tall, the top is about an inch across and the bottom is about 2 1/2 inches across. There were lots of different colors of broken glass that would have been pretty in the cement counter tops that are the rage these days.

I couldn't find any writing or anything on this. But it's heavy cast iron and I'm thinking it was a cover or decoration on a stove. Anyone else have any guesses?

I forgot to take photos of the metal wheels and bed frames I also found. Those will show up in a post when I decide what to do with them. 

And that's another day in my life. Thanks for stopping in!

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