Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Writing Beach Retreat

I love the Oregon Coast! The sound of the waves, the mist of the fog, the salty, fishy smell, the scrunch of sand under your feet. I love it all! My husband on the other hand, he tolerates it all when I get a hankering to go to the coast. 

Lucky for me, I joined Oregon Writers Colony where groups of writers can rend the OWC house in Rockaway for a week or a weekend. And luckily I have writer friends who do there frequently and I can join them.
in the house writing
That's where I am this week. On the Oregon Coast enjoying the coasty things I like and getting a novella written for an upcoming contemporary western romance box set that will be out in June.

If you've been following the Tumbling Creek Ranch series in the box sets, this book is Dillon's story, The Wrong Cowboy to Love. He works for the family excavation company by day and sings in bars and writes music for his real dream job. There is a wedding at the ranch and as you've discovered from the other books, the Wallis family comes to the rescue when it is needed. They are all at the wedding and Dillon has written a song for the wedding couple. Lucky for him, the weekend before he was bumped into by one of the bridesmaids at a bar where he was singing and the bridal party was having a bachelorette party. At the wedding they become even closer and Ruby is so fascinated by his song writing she offers to make videos and help him get his work into the right hands. This is all wonderful, except, she had had a crush on Dillon's cousin Nate since high school. Will she forget her fantasy of being Nate's soulmate or will she go for him and drop the man who respects and loves her?  Guess you'll have to wait and see what happens in June!

Here are some of the photos I've taken while here on the coast.

This was where a creek washed down across the beach. The black sand made art work, I thought.

This is what I call a beach butterfly. ;) 

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