Sunday, May 06, 2018

My experiment with Dictating

Oh my!

Because I do so much driving several writer friends who use Dragon transcription software thought it would help me get my projects done faster if I used it.

I am going to be on the road a lot the next couple of months and if I could equate those hours into words on a manuscript, I would be a happy camper!

I purchased Dragon. I purchased the lapel mic and recorder recommended.

My first attempt was horrifying! at first I stammered, couldn't think coherently and even that wasn't as bad as the mispronunciation that came out in print when I downloaded it.

Here is a sample of the first attempt:
He may held up the held up the towels so that she would be the young woman stepped out of the tub when she felt the body pushing against the towel she wrapped around her. “Let me get this drain this water and then I hope you dress.” Lottie Mae it’s a golf Lottie made nerves to to put her hand in the water pulled the plug and let knowing that the team tend to the water was from all the blood that had been on the young woman. When she stood Dari found Dari just staring staring at herself in the small mirror off hanging on the wall. “I know you feel like your world has been turned upside down and that he’ll never be the same. But I can tell you from from experience that you will just give yourself time think positive. If taking me a while and I finally feeling like I be a whole person again and you will to.” Lottie started rubbing the towel on the girls body and she went and cried out.
I’m sorry. I forgot that you have the I’ll let you I’ll let you do that drawing.” Lottie turned her back to the to the young woman and picked up the clothing that she had brought in and pick up the clothing that she had worn over here from from the from the from savanna.

It will take me a while to figure out what I was even saying. I was frustrated to say the least. I had asked on the Dragon FB group how about classic books I'd read at one time to use to get the diction correct. They told me to use my own chapters. I did and this is the mess I had.

After emailing with a friend who uses Dragon, I decided to find those classic excerpts. I did and read one into my recorder and uploaded it. then I went for a walk and dictated more of my book.

This is what I had that time:

Even his touch squeezing her hand with his gentle as a child. This large man would never hurt anything or anyone. That was one of the things that she had learned and one of the reasons that she her affections were growing him. “I know you would never hurt me. But the community the people,. I don’t want anyone thinking, or make for believing, I just…” She didn’t know how to say she didn’t want to ruin his reputation by there being friends or even more. It wasn’t just his invitation she was worried about, she’d had hers ruined before. And she didn’t want to go through that again. “I I have a path. The path that I don’t want to relive again.”

“I know all the women who work at the silver dollar has had trouble. Everyone in town knows that Bo has taken you and, and has given you new life. As your past doesn’t matter to me, I know the woman you are now.” Manfred continued hold her hand in his some skin softly back and forth across her palms.
Jingles warmed warmed her arms and settled in her heart. If there was ever a man, who could forget her past I love her for who she was, it was this man. She smiled at him, “I have dreamed of finding a man like you. Someone who would believe the rumors of my past, and would believe in me for who I am.”
Manfred smiled. He raised her hand to his lips, kissed it gently, and placed her hand back on her me and released her hand. “I know how to be a gentleman. I would do nothing to ruin your reputation. But I do wish to see you often. Especially after I have become your best student.”

The dictation is getting easier for me to do and it is picking up the way I say words better. I'm now a happy camper because I'll have 10 hours of driving this week that I can dictate and have a book to edit when I get home!

This is the book I'm working to get finished:


Carmen Peone said...

Paty, I'm glad you are getting the hand of Dragon. I can see the benefits once all the kinks are worked out. Happy dictating trails!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Carmen! Going through what I dictated in the beginning this morning, Aiii Yii Yii! It's a mess but I'm getting something out of it.