Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One of THOSE days

Yes, it was one of those days! My pants felt six sizes two small (the same ones I wore yesterday and that were just fine!, I had a good friend tell me I needed to pour more emotion into the book I'm working on, I had a postcard rejection, one (1) 4-H member showed up for a 4-H meeting (I could have stayed home and put more emotion in my book), and the person who I hand picked to take over one of my day jobs when I want to quit in the Fall, called and said she didn't want the job!!!!

Yes, it was a day when everything seemed to tumble down around me! Oh! And I was sent a prototype for my book cover... I don't like it! It is too plain and an ugly color.

So, I ate chocolate- like that's going to help my pants being too tight! And I kicked myself in the butt because I knew the story was lacking, but didn't have the where-with-all to suck it up and make it the best I could. So now I am grinding my brain and making it the best because I have someone looking over my shoulder who will take me to task if I don't! I threw the rejection in the wastebasket, and am re-evaluating who to ask next if they want an 18 hour a week job that really takes 30 hours!

And this weekend, my daughter and I will stage some photos and hope one will be good enough to use on the cover of my book. WHEW! I sure hope my night goes better. ;) Do you think my dh will read my blog??


Piper Lee said...

Sounds like you needed more than chocolate. You needed a good stiff shot of Jack Daniels and a good lay. ROFLMAO!

You are such a go getter girl! You'll be able to accomplish everything on your list. You can and will do it all and do it with such finesse no one will even know you stressed.

I believe in you.

You said it yourself, "Tell me I can't and I'll prove you wrong." That's going to get you far in this business!

Keep tapping those keys baby!

Lisa Pulliam said...

Exactly what Piper said!!! Especially the first part, lol!

Just stay positive and remember - although you don't like the cover, it's a cover and you're going to be published. Woohoo!!!! :-)

And, eat more chocolate. Or a Cinnabon. Those are good too.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Ooh. Cinnabon. I feel the need to hit the mall. (Piper, tell me no!!!! Quick. Will-power is wavering.)

Sorry for the crappy day, Paty, but I know you can do this! You'll get through it. Remember, revision hell is always hell when you're in the midst of it, but once you reach the other side things are sooo much better.